Mar 2

Correct, as the vapor collector slows down filling because it limits the rate that vapor can leave the tank, making filling it similar to using a funnel without a breather port...

Jul 18

Same thing just happened to me with Wheat Thins - I did not mean to get the sundried tomato flavor, I just wanted to a plain cracker.

Jul 17

A preview of next week’s White House solution for mask shortages:

Jul 17

A few days ago the chip aisle completely depressed me as well. There is something extremely wrong when a whole aisle is filled with fried slivers of what used to be food, coated in synthetic flavors.

Nov 19 2019

“Darling,  Did your human heart fail today?  I heard on the media broadcast that your heart may have ceased to function as you were at the medical facility.  I, a human woman from Earth, would be very sad if you ceased to function”

May 24 2019

It is time to lay this claim to rest. I truly wish that apparently reliable news sources would cease this canard that Tillerson called Trump a moron. In fact, no one around Tillerson at the time of this utterance credited this assertion. Having thoroughly investigated, it is clear that Tillerson never referred to Read more

May 22 2019

This is why the usual argumnets used by pro-choice people simply don’t work on devoted anti-abortion crusaders. If you look at it from their perspective, and accept abortion as murder, then saying it’s a “woman’s choice” is akin to arguing that it is your choice to shoot someone, or your choice to run down a crowd of Read more

May 13 2019

Yes, these are awesome. Discovered them in the Netherlands last year - our hotel in Leiden had bowls of these all over the lobby. I’m not even a big fan of coffee, but these are just sweet enough to mellow the bitterness of the coffee without getting too sweet.

Apr 11 2019

I remember those days, when my wife would get clogged milk ducks.  I’d make some hot compresses, and I’d have to chase the little bastards around the living room, finally pinning them down and trying to hold the warm wash cloths and hot water bottles onto the squirmy, squishy little guys. Then after a few minutes, my Read more

Mar 5 2019

I’m wearing mine to egg the houses of men who’ve hurt me. 

Feb 15 2019

I'm not so sure I would call myself a WINNER after this encounter, but thanks :-D

Dec 18 2018

THANK YOU! Why is this so hard? I love a good dick pic as much as anyone (Critique My Dick Pic appears to be a casualty of Tumblr changes) but one from the ether is not generally a sexy overture.

Dec 18 2018

I have gotten so many unsolicited dick pics. I got really upset when, after what I thought was a nice first date, the guy sent me a picture of his (or ... someone’s, I don’t know) ejaculating dick and said he was thinking about me. Like, I was just thinking “That was a nice date. Maybe he’s not a creep” and then ... Read more

Jun 14 2018

“Our game will have you fighting Nazi zombies!”
“Oh, cool.”
“In our WWII game, there’s a female protagonist!”

Jun 7 2018

I get this whole ‘low level bard deciding to enter an arch criminal’s lair and just use his Bluff skill to get what’s needed’ vibe from this entire presidency.

Jun 6 2018

Just point his phone to a local server, populate it entirely with bots that do nothing but praise his tweets, and hand it to him. At the same time, DVR about forty F&F shows from a year ago, stick ‘em on a media server, and play one at random every time he turns on the television. Read more