Today 10:31AM

Did you happen to reach out to them about the discrepancy? Seems their response would tell a lot about whether there was intention to decieve vs gross incompetence. 

Saturday 10:28AM

Why? WHY are they doing this? This is the equivelant of saying “Sure... Michelin and Goodyear make great tires... but we’re gonna make our own that cost more, and aren’t quite as good. And also, you can’t change them out easily for 3rd party ones anymore like you used to be able to do because the brakes are controlled Read more

Friday 4:57PM

Big corps are masters at shooting themselves in the foot, then blame “the market” and give the CxOs golden parachutes.

6/11/21 1:44PM

Has the entire right side of the US political spectrum just become “everyone grifting each other”?  It seems really weird.  That money has to come from somewhere, right?

6/11/21 1:29PM

You underestimate the power of white GoFundMe.  She’s going to get rich off of this. 

6/11/21 11:32AM

The feature that I care about that no one seems to is the sunroof delete. I have tried so many cars that were perfect, save for the fact that the sunroof, —which was mandatory if you wanted any other features — ate up all of my headroom. Read more

6/11/21 11:18AM

At least you can get the Mach-E without the plastic cladding.

6/11/21 10:29AM

I love a good marker light. Check out the one from my Cutlass - it’s an Olds Rocket emblem with a light inside of it. It gloriously sticks out from the side, reminding anyone who comes near the rear corner, “Hey! This is an Oldsmobile!”

6/11/21 9:08AM

“That three hours and 57 minutes i stood there and vandalized the statue and then fully explained why I was doing it IS NOT WHO I  AM!”

6/10/21 7:51PM

There are lots of cities outside of New York. Everything off of the eastern seaboard, this is a great sized vehicle.

6/10/21 7:18PM

6/10/21 3:42PM

The RAV4 Hybrid is AWD only. When compared to an AWD non-hybrid RAV4, the premium is indeed fairly small. Read more

6/10/21 10:05AM

The hybrid powertrain is the killer app here. I know many contractors who are very interested in cutting costs.  I'm very happy the hybrid option is the base.  Efficient work trucks are hard to come by. This truck will have a leg up.