Yesterday 2:12PM

Thing is, reservoirs are destructive in their own ways - and in the middle of a drought, there’s no water to reserve anyway.

Yesterday 2:10PM

Ah yes, the role that made Morrison famous - Aquaman’s dad.

Yesterday 10:38AM

As with most laws, it will depend heavily on who does the driving and who is being run down.

Saturday 3:00PM

The new tundra definitely exudes [I wish I had a] big dick energy. Read more

Thursday 2:38PM

The white “steelies” with center caps are

Thursday 10:59AM

Is this the inevitable end of the Craigslist/Ebay/FB Marketplace mass-keyword-phenomenon, where the person lists a car with a handful of descriptives followed by a paragraph of completely unrelated vehicles to game the search? Read more

Tuesday 7:29PM

So when you were working on the Jeep back in the day, would you have killed to get into a plant like this for a bit of “research” or are things all pretty much the same at this level between manufacturers?

6/13/21 11:07AM

Egads - it sounds like the worst HR interview ever! I would not want to talk to this person.

6/12/21 3:57PM

Saving those for the repaints.

6/12/21 12:56PM

100% this. This is a step-backwards to be sure.

6/11/21 12:07PM

Oooh, this is a good one. Not everyone wants added weight, cost and complexity added to the roof of the car!

6/11/21 11:11AM

I blame Subaru. I think the first Outbacks really started that trend of off-colored fender cladding and then everyone followed suit (though I guess Pontiac was going a bit crazy with it in the earlier nineties too - but they were at least mostly body colored). It really is obnoxious.

6/11/21 11:09AM

I do love a good pinstripe and miss them. I think manufacturers moved away from them as body panels have become more creased and contoured.

6/11/21 10:58AM

Yeah - most smokers I knew threw their butts out the window regardless because they heard using the ashtray lowers their resale value... never mind the pervasive stink and interior of their vehicle being covered in tar residue.

6/11/21 10:56AM

I might just be my last new car purchase at this rate.

6/10/21 12:03PM

I’m not sure why they wouldn’t work to make it cuter. Boston Dynamics’ is about utility more than anything else, but if they’re really trying to sell this as a companion - it needs to be a little cuter. Read more

6/10/21 11:13AM

I’m sure it’s been pointed out already, but it’s really awesome (and amazing) that we’ve finally reached the point that the hybrid is the cheapest option. That’s a BIG deal. Read more

6/09/21 7:02PM

Oh yeah - it sounds like a lot of folks disable it anyway, but if not having it installed truly only subtracts $50 from the value of the vehicle over its expected lifespan, it hardly seems worth adding in the first place. Read more

6/09/21 12:46PM

Come on Carmen Sandiego - that cross belongs in a museum!