Sep 4

I would rather see her in a Wizard sequel.

Jul 27

Rich is absolutely not gonna murder you in your sleep. No siree bob.

Jul 17

Not to take away from everything that followed, but “Lady-Anti-BLM” is clever as hell & I felt like it needed to be acknowledged.  

Jun 29

Gwen was on Howard Stern about a year ago and said that she grew up in a pretty strict Catholic household.  My guess is that she’s probably always had to walk a fine line between being an entertainer with a punk-rock image and alienating her conservative family.  

Jun 22

You keep mentioning macOS 10.16, but Big Sur is 11.0. 

Jun 17

How this woman transformed herself from cool rock chick to cheeseball TV personality is mind boggling.

Jun 5

I’ve spent a few evenings watching a white journalist reporting from Portland, OR, saw him teargassed a few times but it never had me worried for his safety. Last night I saw Michael Harriot’s tweet that he’d been arrested, and I was more worried about a stranger than I’ve ever been. It was a relief to see Read more

May 22

Washing machine to thaw frozen food!? That’s ludicrous everyone knows the safest fastest way to dethaw frozen food is putting it in a ziplock freezer bag and then dropping it into your toilet. The trick here is you have to keep flushing to agitate the frozen food because as we all know your food won’t be unfrozen Read more

May 22

This is a joke, right?  

Apr 22

I’m on Version 81.0.4044.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)
And do not have this option

Apr 2

I don’t understand the value of the slides format to me (as a reader). One page with the content of each slide as a subheading is easy enough to navigate with my scrollbar.  Reading the article was much slower and more cumbersome as a slide show.

Apr 2

They have these at a random dollar store near me, and they are straight crackkkkkkkkkkkk

Mar 26
My Walks of Life

Nothing quite literalizes what it is to live in fear right now like encountering another person on my daily walks.

Mar 17

How is that the same person!?

Mar 12

In this case I think the spoiler was justified in order to warn us all of what was awaiting unsuspecting viewers.

Mar 12

Treat it like American Idol rather than Better Call Saul and you’re going to have a much better time in life.

Mar 12

Let’s be clear about who the spoiler is: Sarah Palin. It’s Sarah Palin.

Feb 3

I wish I knew. It’s still “rolling out,” as Google often says.

Dec 17

Got dragged to Starlight Express with the family when I was around 15 and can confirm that this video is completely accurate, that’s basically exactly what I remember

Dec 17

Cottonelle Ultra GentleCare, the little lines make it effective, it’s durable so you don’t need to use a ton, it’s very soft, and it really is very gentle. Read more

Cottonelle Ultra GentleCare, the little lines make it effective, it’s durable so you don’t need to use a ton, it’s