Sep 22

Just had to share that I had this Pantum 2500w laser printer, and it’s the smallest laser printer I’ve ever seen. Had it for years, and while I don’t print much, I still never needed to replace the cartridge. I got it for $25 new on newegg, and I think it still often goes on sale: Read more

Just had to share that I had this Pantum 2500w laser printer, and it’s the smallest laser printer I’ve ever seen.

Sep 9

Thank you for being so brave with your honesty, honestly. /s

Aug 23

Melania prepping the Rose Garden

Jun 18

I used to be a HUGE Gwenabee from the first album - I wrote for AOL newsletters and No Doubt was my first concert, and people in school called me No Doubt Boy - because I’d only wear ND shirts.

Then Rocksteady came out - in which they sold out their unique/co-opted ska sound for more mainstream likability- fine ok. Read more

Jun 2

Not sure if things were reverted, but i’ve disabled adblock, and tried in several broswers and incognito mode, and it still looks the same to me. maybe i’m grandfathered in to the best version 🤷🏻‍♂️

May 14

It’s Madonna’s daughter. 

Apr 22

I can’t imagine that this is the absolute final update. While they said it was the last “major” update, I still think we will get one new style before the EOL of the game. I mean, the box says “Extra Game Styles.” Plural! And design-wise, why have that big empty space next to 3D World? Read more

Apr 21

I don’t have a phone with Face Unlock so I’m not certain of how it works, but if it works similar to Touch ID, could you not add your face with the mask on as another variable, similar to adding different fingers for Touch ID? 

Apr 2

Agreed - I just want to scroll down and quickly go through the article. I assume this is for SEO purposes to keep people on the site longer. 🤷‍♂️

Apr 1

My dream is that chicken skins were sold like chicarrones / pork rinds.

Feb 11

Any cookie hacks or something to enable it for people that aren’t natively invited? I remember years ago there was a cookie hack to enable the new style of either Gmail or Facebook.

Feb 6

I’ve been using Hoosier Hill Farm Cheddar Cheese Powder ($12/1lb) for years. No additives like Kraft, just Cheddar Cheese. They also have a Big Daddy Mac blend specifically for Mac and Cheese, but I prefer this stuff - Just add a few table spoons to your homemade mac and cheese and it really amps up the flavor :) 

Feb 3

any way to get dark mode on iPad? 

Dec 19

Could the House hold the articles until after the next election, where perhaps the senate will turn more to their favor, then send it over? 

Dec 17

I had a similar experience seeing Starlight Express when I was 6 or 7 , which is basically Cats, but with trains/people on roller skates.

Dec 16

Moments like these are why I’ve been an avid The View watcher for many years. It’s like watching a hockey game just for the fights, or a daily Real Housewives reunion.

Dec 6

I like Rick, but keep waiting for the blue nail polish to chip into the food. 

Dec 6

I remember reading an article - possibly on GMG site recently, about someone who was booted from flight, because they purchased an extra seat because they didn’t want to sit next to anyone, and the airline gave the seat to someone else and he complained. 

Oct 23

handsome, more financially successful than most, and a classic sexual scoundrel. Read more