5/22/21 1:52AM

No reason to believe it’s not happening. He’s still tight with Filoni. Last I heard he was offering to direct an episode of Mando maybe between Benoit Blanc films. He’d be a great ringer, like Robert Rodriguez was.

5/01/21 3:15AM

Nintendo, abusive? Nah... Never... That’s really rare.

4/05/21 5:38PM

“Why are you drinking coffee if you’re a training hologram?”
“I’m still Kathryn Janeway, kid.” 

4/01/21 5:42PM

The dialogue featured in both trailers is making me appreciate the fact superhero movies are getting the greenlight for R ratings. Elba’s “for fuck’s sake” hits so much better than the alternate line here, even though only one word was changed.

1/27/21 4:01AM

There isn’t anyone who could fill the shoes of Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas. 

1/26/21 9:27PM

There is a hilarious reaction that a character has to a situation in season 4 that is based on two sentences he said back in season 2.
Read more

1/09/21 8:51AM

“[Vance] is the best admiral. (admittedly this has not been a tough competition!)“ Read more

1/09/21 6:13AM

... I’m also inordinately pleased that not one but two recent Trek shows have been referring to the driving ideology of noted slave-taking gangster pirate assholes by it’s actual name. You know. The C word. Rhymes with blapitalism. Read more

1/07/21 12:17PM

Also, I hope we can see Kenneth Mitchell in Disco again.

12/24/20 3:05PM

Riker’s big damn heroes moment on Lower Decks is a strong runner up. The Titan is finally canon! The TNG theme blasting away! Jonathan Frakes chewing scenery! What’s not to love?

11/12/20 2:09PM

She’s terrified because the lives of 88 people are her responsibility when she’s at the helm. Her freezing at the conn was when the ship would be put in danger both here and in “People of Earth” The trauma of the battle with Control, the fate of live in the galaxy, and the isolation of the 32nd century is getting to Read more

10/29/20 9:29AM

I thought Detmer was fine until she started going off on Saru. Now I’m really thinking she has PTSD that she hasn’t faced yet.

10/17/20 11:06AM

Honestly, I don't know how people thought that TFA could have led to any other version of Luke. People don't hide themselves in the most secluded place they can find because they are eager to fight.