Aug 13

Though in this case the Trek show will probably end up better. 

Aug 9

New Crew, new ship. You can even call it the Enterprise if you want. (future, or B and C). Then just tell a small relevant Sci-Fi story. It’s not an action movie. Read more

Aug 5

I suspect like The Orville Lower Decks will be comedy forward with that same moral heart and competent good characters that Trek is known for. 

Jun 24

It’s been so long since I read the books, and I’m a slow reader, that the prospect of having to do homework to get the most out of Winds makes me kind of not really care. 

Jun 24

Yup there was supposed to be 5 years between Storm and Feast (Well it was still Dance then). But he spent to much time dealing with what happened that it all just went crazy. 

May 1

Isaacs has gone on record saying they told him Lorca was from the MU from the get go. So he knew and was playing it that way the whole time. 

Apr 22

I’m already paying for HBOnow, so they already have their claws in me.

Apr 11

We won’t hear as much about them dying, because it will just be at home and not tested or counted. Got to keep the narrative that this is a urban (liberal) problem for only blue states.

Apr 6

On the flip side it’s sad to see how people seem to have forgotten them as well. They are still better than most anything made today, just a spark of magic on film. 

Apr 2

Because I care about anybody being forced to work 60-80 hours a week, no matter what they do. Seeing as this is a story about a video game from Naughty Dog, we are mad about video game crunch. Logic dude. 

Mar 28

Pass on it. There is no point. Eventually there will be a box set with it. Read more

Pass on it. There is no point. Eventually there will be a box set with it.