5/21/20 2:13PM

Picking up my first GX tomorrow! Lifted and offroad tires and super super clean and reliable for under $20k. Im excited, and thats coming from someone that just had a Supercharged LWB Range Rover lease that ended.

5/21/20 2:04PM

You can take the slideshow and shove it up managements ass. That reminds me of a movie with a great overlander:

5/21/20 1:44PM

The GX is a better option if you’re ripping off the bumpers anyway. 

5/21/20 1:43PM

Just came this far to say, this format sucks. thanks.

5/21/20 1:34PM

I’m just here for the comments bashing the slideshow! I clicked through 8 pages, so don’t disappoint me Jalops!

5/18/20 3:32PM

Well, it was nice for her to document all the specific reasons she and her wife should have her kids taken by CPS.

5/18/20 3:19PM

But now, my thoughts are with the hundreds of writers and journalists and editors and others who make a living on words and have been laid off during the pandemic. Countless jobs lost because of a global tragedy exacerbated by a lack of empathy and conscientiousness, but a publication still thought it wise to Read more

5/18/20 3:12PM

This has to be a joke. Surely they wrote this in jest. Even in a world where people actually think Trump is a competent President (or human being in general), there are still some things that are too outrageous to be real.

5/18/20 3:05PM

I am assuming that her name is an alias because if I wrote something this vapid, tone deaf and self absorbed I would be fucking ashamed. Read more

5/18/20 2:57PM

Is this a post on reddit’s Am I The Asshole forum or did she actually get paid to write it?

5/18/20 2:46PM

Not an alias. She doesn’t even have her Facebook on private. If you need to vomit for any reason, you can go to her profile and see her “friends” fawning all over the story and her. 

5/18/20 2:44PM

I rarely endorse having the cops freak out and shoot somebody, yet here...

5/18/20 2:35PM

Thank you for reading her trash article, because I simply couldn’t stomach doing so. The audacity of this bitch. Can they be fined or charged with something? Why am I not surprised their primary residence is in Florida?