5/22/20 8:36AM

P R A D O is the only option. Also, goodbye my frenemy. The slideshow killed me. I am now dead. 

5/19/20 11:42AM

Shes self aggrandizing. Even in her tortured martyrdom. As she wakes up each morning wealthier and more privileged than the majority of the planet, let alone her countryman, and she chooses to use that wealth and privilege to further elevate herself preen in the public so her friends ooh and awe at her wokeness. Read more

5/19/20 11:35AM

Come on. Be serious. Central Americans are not the spanish speaking people this family is interested in speaking to.

5/14/20 8:37AM

You need to run intervals. I always do. Its the only way I put any serious mileage down. 

5/12/20 9:14AM

are you parodying a muskovite? If you are, your playing it too straight and I cant tell dude.

5/12/20 9:12AM

Damn. Y’all are going hard to in the paint with all this high quality jalopnik.

5/11/20 12:39PM

at this point, these losers just really want to show off all the military ex-stock they spent too much of their pay check on. 

5/11/20 12:23PM

Ha I knew it! Darth Jar Jar confirmed! I knew it! Thanks George.

5/11/20 11:08AM

Easy, I would buy my mom the car she had before her second child. (I’m her third)  Read more

5/11/20 10:40AM

The way Finn, Poe and Rose are written undermines the Jedi storyline in TLJ. This is most felt in what they ended up doing in RoS. Disney screwed Rian. The less said about JJ the better.