Aug 25

something something paradise for anal enthusiasts. Rushed to BaT, left quickly, feeling disappointed and slightly disgusted.

Jun 5

I was so close to voting NP, but then I Googled Westlake tires. Hey Google, can you answer the question “Are Westlake tires any good”? Read more

Apr 5

When I was finally grown up enough to walk to school on my own (6) I was fascinated by a vehicle that belonged to an old man who lived in the big house on the corner. (He was only five years older than I am now and the house was not really very big), though the vehicle seemed huge and awesome. It did not seem to work

Apr 3

WTF Ford. You sell ONE car. Should have thought about your car sales before you killed them off. Read more

Mar 16

FWIW, my brother got in to Boston Logan last night from London, and it took him like five minutes to clear customs. Read more

Feb 25

Not perfect, but if you’ve always wanted one of these, this may be your chance. Also, I am irrationally delighted by the flip-out vent window.