Friday 9:46AM

Agreed re: Colbert and Noah, although Oliver’s show was almost unchanged now that I think about it.  I think I’ve enjoyed Noah’s ever-improving game most of all.

6/07/21 3:12PM

Air cooled GS’s were fantastic drag bikes and pretty good streetbikes for their time. But by 83/84 it was all over but the crying, even though I love 1150Es.

6/07/21 9:46AM

I saw this. I’m not a huge fan of this, it’s just looks so wrong with that radiators. This is more proper.

6/05/21 4:19PM

Keep it like this and accept the fact that this one race has its place in the championship for history, glory, glamour, for the black and white images from the 50s and 60s.
Because it is a weird and out of time show that embodies the essence of what F1 was and is, and what remains of its mix of poshness and Read more

6/04/21 6:29PM

Do it right, back to Watkins Glen, there is now enough high-class housing for all those hoity-toity European oligarchs, which is the real reason that Watkins Glen lost the Grand Prix.  

6/03/21 9:33AM

Cabin and Engine air filters. I swear I’ve had the filters sitting in my trunk for weeks waiting to be installed, but I just kept putting it off. The fact that it’s so easy and quick actually made it easier to put off - “Oh I’ll just change those real quick tomorrow before work”

6/03/21 12:59AM

You say that. Trust me though, you let one Italian into your garage then they start spawning. I thought I'd be ok when I got a 500 pop. I now have a 500 Abarth, X1/9 and a Lancia Scorpion. It is nothing short of an abusive relationship at this point. I didn't even intend to get the Exie and the Scorp, they both just Read more

6/02/21 6:39PM

I own a small trucking company and get asked about this stuff ALL the time in small talk, here is my take:

This is coming but there is one enormous hurdle that keeps it in the experimental phase for now: liability. The trucking world is ruled by that word. When a truck is involved in a serious crash you have 80k lbs of Read more

6/01/21 10:37AM

There’s really not much of anything here. The headline and the beginning of the story made it sound like Erin from The Office was burning crosses and shit. Nope, she attended some corny debutante ball thing that has a racist past. Most of the US has a racist past. Read more

6/01/21 10:26AM

Look, if we start doing “Famous person took part in institution that turned out to be hella racist” takes we’re going to be here forever because, spoiler alert, most white institutions in America are hella racist.

6/01/21 10:16AM

Am I missing something? I see no connection other than the origins of the festival or party or whatever that would tie her to KKK leanings. If dumbass Black people wanted to join that bullshit, that’s of course their choice but I don’t see where she was personally connected to the KKK or even racism. I also think it’s Read more