5/09/21 11:44PM

Tom’s articles are the main reason I still visit Jalopnik.

5/07/21 3:12PM

I was planning to have Tom help with my wife’s last lease, so we went looking at a few things, and of course, she wanted another Lexus. The salesman made us an offer that sounded pretty good, so I called Tom and told him about it. He said he couldn’t get me enough of a better deal to justify his fee, and I ought to Read more

5/07/21 1:48PM

“If over the course of several hundred deals thoughout the year MOST dealers get it right and have no problem sending out the door prices...” Read more

4/13/21 8:41AM

Disagree, there are tons of people living in warm climates which have no use for heated seats. I haven’t used mine ever. If you live in a temperate climate like Europe or US, probably standard is fine.

4/12/21 2:01PM

That’s straight-up stealing, there’s no cleverness here, they are simply turning a promotion into a cheat. If you and your friends can’t fill yourself up on pizza with this deal, stealing more just makes you look like an asshole. You could have been full all day without the grift, but instead you chose to be “clever” Read more

4/09/21 2:22PM

Sir the logic thread you’re seeking is somewhere else.

3/31/21 11:02AM

Cool to see someone your age active on this site, I love the insight brought to the table by the older commentariat. Thank you!!!

3/15/21 4:09PM

I love Back to the Future, but I firmly believe that no multi-timeline time travel like that is possible. If we do somehow figure out a way to travel back in time (already extremely unlikely), you wouldn’t be able to change things. Things exist today because of everything that happened and -guess what- no one killed Read more

3/01/21 4:32PM

What if it’s Ann from Visa Mastercard Account Services calling about my extended car warranty?

11/18/19 2:49PM

Here’s a thought - maybe if they didn’t start off lying to us by telling us that marijuana was one of the most dangerous drugs out there, it wouldn’t be a ‘gateway drug’. Because if you’ve been told it’s horrifically dangerous, and then you try it and realize it isn’t, just how much stock do you think you’re going to Read more

11/12/19 8:10AM

That’s about 100% improved. We need to go see this film the first weekend, if for no other reason than... A Hollywood studio fucking listened to it’s fans for once. We will also need to skip TROS for the exact opposite reason. :)

10/16/19 10:58AM

Unfortunately I’ll be unable to watch as Alex Roy is the ultimate (or perhaps the Apex) in insufferable douchebaggery and there’s no way I could stomach 90+ minutes of him. Read more

10/08/19 12:57PM

Booo. Please let’s not glorify people who break the law and give car enthusiasts a bad name. Read more

8/27/19 1:25PM

This is fine (until it’s abused) and could do without the snark. If only because of the leagues of fucking morons (especially in the Gizmodo and Jalopnik comments) that think it’s perfectly okay to use marijuana in one form or another and then get behind the wheel of a car.