I am Jack's complete lack of compassion
Sep 12 2017

Just take a moment to appreciate how well-realized the Austin A35 from the Wallace and Gromit movie Curse of the Were-Rabbit is. It even has the starting crank hole in the bumper!

Sep 12 2017

I say he was hacked. The video wasn’t of a blobfish fapping madly to a picture of a soup can in a pair of Dockers.

May 11 2017

Well that’s different. Usually the biggest boob you see at a Marlins game is Jeffrey Loria.

Feb 16 2017

I really feel like it’d be inappropriate to consider a SCOTUS nominee in the middle of the campaign like this. We should really wait until the election and let the voice of the American people be heard.

Feb 16 2017

“American Horror Story: But Her Emails”.

Feb 13 2017

So are we a host when we have a penis inside us? Does that penis belong to us while we are hosting it? Can we do with it whatever we want? Just asking.

Feb 7 2017

Do the old gimmick of having Trump look in the mirror. Baldwin plays Trump; Rosie O’Donnell plays the reflection.

Jan 18 2017

I have read that “Trumpism is effectively the epistemological position that knowledge is reducible to perception”, and I agree.

Jan 18 2017

And Perry was Chief Executive of the 2nd largest state in the union(a State with a larger economy that of all of Central America, combined), and leader of its National Guard. The question is, does that experience prepare him for this role. Read more

Dec 28 2016

According to the state, everything causes cancer in CA (including hash browns from Mcdonalds).

Nov 11 2016

I am trying to put together a list of companies that donated to DT in order to not shop with them, and list of companies that donated the other way, so my dollars go to support business with some kind of conscience.

Nov 8 2016

Now as then, the funniest part of this add is the notion that an FCA product would make it past their warranty period, let along through an apocalypse.