Science Isn't Scary
Jun 10 2014

I had always found that the effort associated with climbing culminated in a void inside me, clearing me for other things since when you're about to shit your pants on a 5.9 move 20' from your last protection, there isn't much else going on except marshaling *exactly* the resources needed to survive. (And where the Read more

Jun 9 2014

It's all that "rock touching." It gets in your head. That's why it's painful. You need some nerf rocks to replace it with.

May 22 2014

By the same token those glass beads won't do anything bad to your body. Just like everything else insoluble it will end up in your poop. Read more

May 20 2014

In terms of biomedical research, I think one of the biggest challenges is appropriate modelling systems to test therapeutics. We're already making breakthroughs in stem cell technology and creating human tissue/organ culture systems. Especially if we can get better nervous system models, we could use it to test Read more

May 20 2014

If I had to choose based on the general topics, I'd have to pick either Climate or Antibiotics. Read more

May 19 2014

You could always do the national pastime?

May 16 2014

I think fallatio is when you're naked and trip and someone catches your junk with their mouth.