Agent Scully: Feminist She-Devil
11:46 AM

My fear is getting COVID-19, not knowing it, and then spreading it around unwittingly to friends and family. I suspect there will be many people who aren’t really even slowed down by an infection of this type, but become carriers of the virus. That’s why it will be hard to contain.

12:45 AM

Yeah. I feel like if I tried intermittent fasting, I would hangry murder someone. Now that I've started making sure I eat breakfast, my life is so much better. For some people it works, but it's definitely not for everyone. 

10:31 PM

I am eating super late. Mr C got a chicken cutlet sandwich last night so I’m going to help him out by taking care of the half he didn’t eat. I tried intermittent fasting for 3 weeks and learned that it is not for me. I feel so much better the past couple of days now that I’m off of that. I am getting shit done!

1:43 PM

Yeah unfortunately that’s what happens when you kill all the epidemic response teams in every gov agency. Chaos. And now Pence is in charge? Praying it away won’t work dimwit. Sigh.

8:09 PM

Ok, Boomer.

But seriously - anyone who says they put themselves through college by working is either full of shit, or old. Period.

You simply cannot pay for even the average annual cost of a public university on the wages that a recent high school graduate would make. Even if you lucked out and managed to work 40 Read more

6:55 PM

“But we can’t control that price, because we need the private sector to invest. Price control won’t get us there.” Read more

6:50 PM

The price of a theoretical vaccine is pretty low on my list of considerable worries regarding the Corona virus. If things are bad in 12-18 month when a vaccine is likely to become available the money will be found - if only because it pumping up the economy will require it. Or trump will have used the virus to call Read more

2:49 PM

I do like when I can get my hands on ones with fancy fillings! I’ve heard of ones with a rose jelly and custard filling and those sound so delicious, but I’ve never had an opportunity to try one. Whiskey and chocolate also sounds like a fun one to try!

2:07 PM

the latter of great import to get right on Indy 5, considering the horror that is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Read more

8:53 PM

My wife just brought home a bag of those eggs. I’m going to get into them asap after dinner.

1:55 PM

Right? My smart ass would be like, “Of course, that’s how tests work, right? Don’t all the instructors hand out the answer keys on test days?”

9:26 AM

Many Iranians do business in China so a traveler is the likely source for their cases. Read more

10:49 PM

I disagree about their motivations. I don’t think Russia cares who wins the democratic nomination. What they want is the left infighting because that’s how the left always loses. It’s the only way Trump can win. They know that it’s easy to exploit the rift between older/younger and progressive/centrist wings of the Read more

10:24 PM

Let Bloomberg serve as an example for the people who continue to talk about “electability” and push the fantasy that Warren would get dumped on by Trump. This lady would murder Trump live on stage and then tell you her 17 point plan on how to get blood stains out of your clothes. 

9:18 PM

It boggles my mind that people think it’s asshole-ish to recline an airline seat. Read more

3:41 PM

Characterizing billions of people you don’t know as a herd needing culling not only makes you dumb, but an aggressively resistant kind of dumb. Believing the death of billions of people wouldn’t be an unimaginable catastrophe makes you so myopic you must be looking through your own asshole to see the world.

Your Read more

11:03 AM

I live in a community where all the neighbors know each other. We’ve got a tiny microcosm of small-town life in the middle of a city. The neighbor’s kids have come over to my house in an emergency (and also sometimes they show up wanting to play with my dog). When cops are on the street, the white neighbors are Read more