Agent Scully: Feminist She-Devil
10:04 AM

The last thing I binge-watched was Narcos, which is very very good but really intense. I also watched Criminal:Spain, but it ended up annoying me more than anything because I felt like we were supposed to identify with the detectives somehow, but they just sort of introduced them and hinted at their relationships with Read more

2:23 PM

I could see that too, but his character grew so much that there’s no way he would have done that at the end of his last season. It’s a little frustrating that 13 doesn’t seem to have retained any of that character growth.

12:17 PM

Ha! I’m getting to that point, honestly.  It’d be one thing if I was the one that screwed it up - I’ve been working with these cells for nearly a year with zero problems, and right after I let a new person in the lab (a postdoc, mind you!) handle my cell culture media it all goes to shit.  Coincidence? I think not....

11:32 AM

Well, I came into work today to find that the cells that I had been planning to use in 2 experiments today were completely contaminated with some kind of weird fungus, so now I have to start all over from scratch. Read more

2:14 PM

Ugh, I had almost managed to forget about that for a while. Fuck Murkowski in particular for making a show out of considering witnesses before finally staying with the party line. You’d have to be brain-dead to think the GOP has any credibility at all after this.

6:52 PM

I dated this particular dumbass right after grad school. He was about a year behind me in getting his Master’s degree, and was preparing to apply to PhD programs (or, as he called it “doctoral school”.) We had been together about a year at this point. Any time he was either “stressed out” by writing this thesis or Read more

6:27 PM

I basically spent today on the couch watching TV, so I’m glad to see I’m not the only one :-) I finally finished watching Narcos on Netflix the other day....that show is intense.

1:38 AM

Oh for sure. Part of me is like “How many fucking times do we have to go through this, mom? When the doc tells you to do something, just do it!!!”

1:31 PM

Definitely get the vaccine! Even if your insurance doesn’t cover all of it. It might be hard to find a pharmacy that has it in stock, but don’t wait to get it.