9/22/15 9:52PM

When you’ve been actively refusing to field an NFL caliber team for years, is it really a stretch to refuse to color in some numbers while you’re at it?

9/19/15 1:58PM

Nope, because it would take a shit ton of them. They make almost no sense for residential use. These are largely a gimmick outside of the huge commercial units.

9/19/15 1:44PM

I think the idea is that if you’re completely off-grid, you use multiple of these in a modular fashion to supply your high power needs.

9/19/15 1:33PM

Considering Justin Wilson’s death a few week ago, I don’t think “hilarious” is a word I’d use to describe a race where pit crew members are struck by race cars. Read more

9/19/15 11:43AM

They wouldn’t be able to pump money into the facilities. The track is on a county park. If you build so much as a bathroom there, it is a gift to the county. The current operators of the track have not been allowed to spend their own money.

9/19/15 11:32AM

I have an idea - let’s build a community of multi-million dollar homes next to a motorsports park. It’s worked so well around airports!

9/19/15 10:56AM

You are really wrong on a lot of this. At least, you are painting it in the wrong light. SCRAMP has been operating Laguna Seca for 58 years. Since day one. They are not the problem. The county board of supervisors is the problem. They are the ones that instituted the noise limits. They are the ones that refuse to Read more

9/19/15 10:50AM

Hooray!!!!!!! They aren’t going to turn the cork screw into a beer bottle opener!!!!!!

9/18/15 12:53PM

I didn’t mean coffin, as in you would die, I meant it literally looks like a coffin. You are sealed in there with no view to the outside. And to top it off you are laying down when you are in it. That is pretty coffin-like, and pretty scary, especially at over 80mph.

9/18/15 12:51PM

Honestly that thing looks safer than the bike I ride, sign me up for a fully enclosed shell

9/18/15 12:32PM

nah, carbon fiber shell on long flat land... if they lost control at 80mph it would just slide or roll for awhile.

9/18/15 12:30PM

I bet the disc style bike brakes would handle it. They probably wouldn’t last a long time, but you only need to stop it once.

9/15/15 12:17AM

Why won’t you debate it with him? He’s not name calling. As someone with little knowledge on the subject, it’s good for me to hear both sides. It makes me wonder why one side won’t truly debate something, and instead makes excuses. For the sake of the rest of us, it is imperative you continue, that way we have a Read more

9/14/15 9:02PM

Give them a couple hundred years, the Crimeans will be running casinos and selling cheap cigarettes and almost everyone will have forgotten.

9/14/15 9:00PM

Yeah I’m sorry but they did not have the ‘right’ to annex part of Ukraine. They may have pulled it off without major consequences but it was still wrong. Legally and morally.

9/14/15 3:32PM

Better throw your computer out of the window and never use one again. You, and all of us, will be better off.