9/25/15 12:17AM

God you’re dense. The people who partake in fields of study that actually benefit the human race do stuff to relax too. Our idea of fun might not be the same as most people but that’s okay because we’re having fun with it.

9/22/15 10:59PM

This might blow your mind, random commenter on the internet, but some people really enjoy dedicating themselves to an impossible challenge and the satisfaction of solving it is better than anything else to them. I mean, that’s basically the entire foundation of advanced math and science.

9/15/15 9:32AM

In the end it is only Russia’s relative power which can give them carte blanche. Any moral argument is secondary to strength.

9/15/15 12:35AM

The fact that he resorts to name calling, hand waving, and ignorance means he knows he is wrong. I’m a proud American and I have no problem with the USA being the most powerful nation on this good green Earth but self-righteous people really piss me off. As much as I would love for the world to be a socialist commune Read more

9/14/15 10:59PM

A red herring is a piece of evidence which is meant to confuse or mislead the audience, which is absolutely not the case here. Russia’s actions today are no different that the imperialism of Western governments in the past. I have never argued that these actions are morally acceptable but history is written by the Read more

9/14/15 10:30PM

If Russia keeps Crimea then 150 years from now it will seem normal and people will come up with more bullshit excuses about how this time is different.

9/14/15 10:00PM

That’s a convenient way to excuse the sins which brought a country into its current state of world power. “Oh, we did it 100 years ago which was before anyone was alive so it’s okay even though I am benefiting enormously from my countrymens’ actions”. Sure, buddy, keep thinking you’re on the righteous path.

9/14/15 9:55PM

For most of human history the powerful have been bastards and thugs who only seek power. Andrew Jackson was a bastard and thug who conveniently removed Native Americans from their land so that hardworking American citizens could take their place. The Shah of Iran was a bastard and thug who happened to align with Read more

9/14/15 9:44PM

Don’t forget the rampant alcoholism and domestic abuse! But it’ll be okay because Russia will concede them a little bit of land and a government agency.

9/14/15 9:40PM

If the internet existed 150 years ago you would have said the same thing about the USA annexing Native American territory, but now that it’s long in the past everyone accepts it as normal. For as much as Americans love to remember the Holocaust they seem to forget just about every other genocide in history. Every Read more

9/14/15 9:25PM

I find it interesting that Russia is investing in stabilizing Syria under al-Assad when their economy has so much to gain from destabilizing the EU with refugees. On the other hand a brutal dictator is better than ISIL, which I’d imagine Russia is equally worried about.