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that’s him, yeah. I’d almost call them co-lead for how completely he takes over the song in that chorus
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Holy shit, did he do the backing vocals on “When I First Came to Town”? That may be my favorite example of backing vocals ever.  Read more

Um. That statement from Cave and the band is kind of  beautiful. Read more

This is probably the most devastated I’ve ever been to hear about the destruction of something I’d never heard of before.  So much history and knowledge lost.  It’s unbearable.   Read more

In theory, the idea of a museum burning and thousands of artifacts going down with it shouldn’t bring me to tears. It’s just stuff, it’s just a building, and no one died. Read more

That is immeasurably tragic. Wow.
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God, how terrible. A friend of a friend works in a library here, and I can’t imagine how she’d react if the place burned down. (And hers is a privately-owned and run library, containing plenty of amazing collections, but still nowhere near the size of this one. I can’t even imagine.)
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I have been there and feel absolutely devastated. I cannot see anything amusing or ironic about such a staggering loss. Read more

Can we all agree that the meteorite collection (which survived entry through the atmosphere) likely survived this terrestrial fire?

The palace was also house to the Portuguese royal family when they fled Lisbon in 1808 until Brazil’s indepence (which is celebrated this Friday, 09/07) in 1822. The Palácio de São Cristóvão had immense historical significance. Read more

That whole Olympics thing was a shameful boondoggle of the highest order. Who knew when we were watching it and decrying the waste and misspent resources that we’d be soon saddled with a similar kind of Kleptocratic government obsessed with appearances and screwing over the poor and disenfranchised? Read more

Even if they’re dead the shells can still be studied and preserved. Most items stored in a museum aren’t alive, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable, particularly to those who have spent their lives studying them.  Read more

Entire Brazil is negligent to everything besides earning money and exchanging money to the poor for gaining voters. Read more

If you were a scientist who had spent their entire life working on those mollusks, you’d probably be pretty happy some of them were saved... Read more

Obviously a tragic loss for Brazil, but also a  loss for science, learning and humanity as a whole.
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I was reading about this and someone commented that this is they equivalent of “Mount Vernon, Independence Hall and the entire Smithsonian complex burning down.” Read more

Of course the museum’s budget had to be gutted, silly. Read more

2 things: 1) I hope the researchers and similar employees who have had their lives’ works destroyed are getting mental health support for the devastation and grief. 2) Can we all agree that the meteorite collection (which survived entry through the atmosphere) likely survived this terrestrial fire?   Read more

You know what was this year’s budget for the museum to date? Around 13,000 dollars. Totally expected from a government whose first measure in power was to close the Ministry of Culture. Read more