Bultaco's JMOD TownCar drives his pa to drinkin
Jul 27 2018

People hate on these? Everyone I know has always LOVED them, but then again, I’m 37 so I was prime high school kid gawking at them. My step mom had a 95 328i and I learned to drive stick in it. It was an awesome car, but the M3 was always ‘the holy grail’ with an extra 50hp.

May 16 2018

I’ve been looking for a Panther Town Car for months - just bought a 2005 for a grand but this one kept showing up in my CL search.

Oct 30 2017

It’s Monday, back to work! Let the luxury of your Lincoln Mark VII take away any stress you may have.

Oct 5 2017

I can confirm: wool seats are much quieter than leather when you fart.

Sep 15 2017

That’s actually not as bad of a markup as I would have imagined; considering how bad some people get ripped on those customized car tv shows.

Sep 15 2017

Leaves all sorts of possibilities for the engine bay. Beer cooler, smoker, fold away engine hoist, etc.

Aug 30 2017

This was my question when I read the headline. I bet it is like one giant toll lane with nothing by oil, grease and no adhesion, lousy air and nothing but noise. Hell of a way to die, but then I wouldn’t want to do the GW either. The traffic on that thing is murder. Really the only good answer is not to go to New Read more

Aug 4 2017

I’d say that’s pretty blind and pretty fucking close...

Aug 4 2017

Miata illegally passes over a double yellow on blind turns and almost causes a head on collision? Maybe that’s what was wrong with it? I dunno though, I’m just a human being with eyes.

Jul 30 2017

It’s more than just enjoying wrenching. Just because you work on an old Chevy pickup or slammed Miata does not mean you’ll be able to cheaply or realistically work on any of the cars he suggests, if you can even work on them at all.