Jan 22 2019

Yes. I am so sick of “I am not actively setting the house on fire” as the bar for Great Partner/Parent. NEITHER IS THE DOG, ASSHOLE.

Dec 30 2018

I feel like the more money people have, the less likely they are to connect the convenience and comfort that comes from having money, especially if you have kids.

Nov 7 2018

Rick Santorum is on CNN acting like he wants to take the dead house bid home to meet the kids.

Oct 27 2018

Angry white dudes need to have their internet and social media taken away until they learn to play nice w others.

Oct 3 2018

There’s a really important distinction here: The maternity leave policy has nothing to do with your access to leave and support for other non-pregnancy related issues. If these women were not given paid parental leave, it would have zero impact on the support you received while you were out following your surgery. In Read more

Sep 28 2018

Eh, this sounds a tad sanctimonious. Having a couple of drinks every now and then and getting a little buzz can also fall well inside the boundaries of “harmless fun”. There is a really broad spectrum here. And when you talk about not ever drinking more than thimbleful because it ‘may harm your health down the line’? Read more

Sep 28 2018

Serious question: If one is not “drinking enough alcohol to notice its effects” then why is one imbibing at all? A huge percentage of the population drinks every single day - not to the point of getting shitfaced drunk, but certainly to the point of *feeling its effects*. Whether that’s just one glass to ‘take the Read more

Sep 28 2018

Truth. I and the women in my life routinely use “it’s fine” as a phrase that means “it’s absolutely not fine, but it’s not worth the drama that the truth will bring up.”
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Sep 28 2018

They played it on GMA this morning. I found him so insufferable. I was looking at his wife behind him to, and I feel like she has a story to tell.  I hope she does.

Sep 22 2018

Say nothing, and get excoriated. Say something, and get ignored. We cannot fucking win.

Sep 22 2018

Everyone failed this girl because he was an “important person,” fuck all of them. I hope she is on the path to recovery and far away from every single person that contributed to this. Read more

Sep 20 2018

SO WEIRD! I’ve ALSO taken the last year to work on myself and become a better person, parent and partner. It’s mostly involved a plant-based diet to get my cholesterol numbers down and reading a lot of books on parenting because my 8-year-old’s mood swings confound my husband and I at times. I actually haven’t had to Read more

Sep 19 2018

Trump is right, HE doesn’t have an attorney general. The United States does.  Ideally, the AG is supposed to fight to protect everyone's rights.  Of course, it’s hilarious to me that all the shitty work Sessions is doing to torment minorities and immigrants is totally being ignored by his jagoff boss. Eat shit, Jeff!