4/12/21 4:15PM

Defund the police, I want refund the police. This department paid to train and employ an officer that literally didn’t know their gun from their asshole. Make the PD and officer pay what is now owed, criminally and monetarily out of their budgets and pensions. They don’t care about human life, so hit them where it Read more

2/26/21 7:15PM

Sadly, Obama wasn’t wrong. And given the hate they already showed him for his reasonable, *MODERATE* approach to addressing societal problems that impact everyone, trying something more extreme like, say, paying black Americans their fair share of the nation’s wealth they were forced (often brutally) to produce, well, Read more

2/26/21 12:24PM

Remember when the English were oppressing Scotland, and William Wallace took a quick boat ride to France? It’s okay, though, his daughters had asked him to, and he totally intended to come back the next day so he could hand out mead and bubonic plague to the masses.

2/08/21 3:42PM

I think it’s the same *Peter* from the X-Men movies but because he “fell” into Wanda’s world, he’s now Pietro because everyone gets changed to fit her pocket reality. Read more

1/13/21 5:21PM

(I’m borrowing this from some message board that I read this week, can’t think of which one now, pretty sure it wasn’t here). Read more

12/30/20 1:42PM

I love how a girlfriend’s highly specific and unprompted statement, corroborated by a lawyer who also represented the alleged bomb builder, that the guy was building bombs in an identified location is seen as insufficient for a warrant to search said location, but... Read more

12/15/20 8:48PM

There is no such thing as a “citizen’s arrest law”. There is no such thing as “stand your ground” law. However, in 35 states, there is a “white vigilantes have permission to shoot unarmed black people law.” Let’s just call a pig a pig.

12/11/20 5:42PM

He’s talking to you. And you. And you. To think that “Defund the Police” was not used to fake-out or influence people is nonsense. And if you have to keep explaining what something means, that’s a problem, fair or not. To pretend that numbers are not important in Congress to accomplish something is fantasy, to put it Read more

11/04/20 6:16AM

Because hate gives people a community that expects nothing difficult of them. You don’t have to learn; you don’t have to change. You just say you don’t like something, or someone, and you’re in the club. Read more

10/21/20 9:48AM

It’s simple math. The grand jury is made up of average people. Average people (in a group) will tend to average out their integrity “count”. Read more

10/09/20 8:22AM

Because Republicans think that their hate (hating people for who they are - race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ect) is equal to liberals hate of people for what they do (racism, sexism, bigotry, ect).

9/20/20 4:13PM

Even more so. That clip of those cops pushing that elderly white guy on concrete during the recent protests showed they any good cops are STOPPED by bad cops. One office was about to go help him, but others made him to keep movie. Read more

9/07/20 6:28PM

The rules are not necessarily the problem. It’s always been the bullshit one-sided way you white people have used the rules to attack people of color while excusing your own failure to follow those rules. Read more