Yesterday 2:25PM

I hate you!!!!

*scooping my second scoop of ice creme*.

Yes.. I really hate you.

Yesterday 1:58PM

So lets just scratch “Whitey going to White” and change that to “Crazy going to Crazy”.. As this is proof positive that insane people come in all shapes, colors, and oreo flavours.

Friday 4:02PM

What does a child molester look like?... I mean he could be on his off-days.. and just a regular racist on his “on-days”.

Thursday 4:22PM

Of course... in their eyes, every gain by someone else is a loss for them.. as if privilege and equality are scarce resources that when spread too thin, it means they lose. Read more

Thursday 4:17PM

That’s the part that I laugh at..

There is no such thing as “white culture” just like really there is no such thing as “black culture”..  because white and black are skin tones that hardly reflect any cohesive “body”.  

Tuesday 11:13AM

Its not that synergy didn’t do it first.. its that mac will make sure its rock solid and seamless across its device eco system.. (Synergy works.. and when it works, its great.. but when it doesn’t.. its a pain).. And it doesn’t bring into the fold non-PC devices like tablets and phones. which is what’s needed in many Read more

6/07/21 10:30PM

Her backstory is as convoluted as Cable’s... Its better to not think about it.. just say Something happened.. and then boom... here she is..

6/07/21 4:39PM

No.. he would never explode he would claim that he’s starting a new fashion trend and that it will be all the rage and the kids will hoist him on their shoulders and proclaim he’s a fashion god.. next to having the best taste in food, women, alcohol, accountants, and spies. Read more

6/07/21 4:38PM

Well, remember, in their mind, america was great when it was racism was as common as air, and the white man was in charge.. so this is really in line with that same thinking.

6/07/21 4:35PM

I will just add, don’t be in a rush.. take your time.. and this is NOT some “sow your oats” thing.. this is a focus on being comfortable in your own skin and making yourself the best version of you that you like.. A lot of us don’t really take the time to get to know what makes ourselves tick.. Read more

6/06/21 12:41AM

Many, if not all those “associated” costs are the same regardless of if a person works from home or in an office.. Your house will never meet health and safety regulations because YOU take sole responsibility for the environment (unlike an employer that takes the risk because YOU are in THEIR building) No different Read more

6/03/21 3:15PM

And this is why I have a fainting couch in my truck.. so no matter what, I can swoon and faint in relative comfort.. 

6/03/21 2:37PM

I know competitive eating is a thing.. But someone that competes in events like: vs. someone that goes around touring local “restaurant challenges” for youtube are not the same in the slightest.

6/03/21 2:08PM

No, that’s just extra “hate” she’s carrying.. 

6/03/21 12:03PM

Its why I would call her a semi-pro.. because she’s definitely in a grey area of professional and depending on your interpretation of pro, she would qualify (or not).

6/03/21 10:20AM

But more importantly, she told him up front that she’s a youtuber and she would like to record this.. So no matter what, he basically went back on their “agreement” given she was (at least by the article) transparent with him. Read more

6/01/21 4:53PM

I will get it just for the upscaled 4K.. Its a pretty expansive (if dry) movie that benefits from higher screen sizes and resolution.  But yeah, 50 dollars is a lot.. at 30,  wouldn’t even debate.. at 50, I’m in a battle over the ROI of higher resolution..