Yesterday 11:20PM

People who actually CLICK on ads are stupid gullible old people - i.e., Facebook’s base. Read more

2/10/21 4:14PM

If ‘Speed Check’ is a euphemism for ‘Hey, someone just reported a cop here 2 minutes ago!’ then this would be the final reason I’d need to give up Waze. Read more

1/28/21 3:17AM

Failgame removes one of the few good things about Failgame.

1/12/21 8:59PM

There were literally self-identified Nazis in the mob that stormed the Capitol. He was completely correct. Read more

1/12/21 6:45PM

What a crazy stupid thing to do. Fungi are terrifying things and you do not want them in your body.
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12/20/20 1:35AM

Gee, it might have been nice if they’d started doing this a long time ago. Especially before he murdered a quarter million Americans for his re-election campaign with his COVID-19 lies. This is certainly not a ‘the courage of our convictions’ thing for those craven asslickers at Twitter. Read more

12/16/20 7:47PM

At an intermediate stage it looks like the old 1997 Westwood Blade Runner RPG. I kind of like it.

9/22/20 4:50PM

My biggest tip which I don’t see here is DASH. Maybe it’s too obvious?  But I see people not dashing, and I’m dashing all the time. Things can’t hit you well when you’re dashing, and you can usually get boons that will create zones of death at the start and/or end of your dash. Plus your dash attack (hit dash then Read more

9/22/20 4:37PM

I swear by those tiny B&W lasers from Brother and Samsung.  They just WORK, unlike inkjets.  And you can get them ridiculously cheap if you don’t need a scanner - but if you do, that’s a reasonable one.

I swear by those tiny B&W lasers from Brother and Samsung.  They just WORK, unlike inkjets.  And you can get them

9/20/20 8:59PM

If they’re using a Deep Neural Network (DNN), which is what most everyone is calling ‘AI’ these days, it’s because you (usually unintentionally) trained it on racist data and it is just reproducing that.  Because that is literally all a DNN can do, try to interpret new data (images in this case) as if it were the old Read more

9/15/20 3:14AM

Well, I think that’s good.  ‘Origin’ was Ultima, and EA never deserved Ultima.

9/08/20 5:17PM

I used to think it was just their terrible marketing department, but now I think this is on purpose (it’s so bad it has to be).
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9/07/20 1:15AM

Yes, people buy second screens for their PCs (I have a third screen). I am just really skeptical of how many people want their phone to be twice as heavy and thick and want a giant screen hanging like cancer off the right side of their primary screen (in the sideways T formation) - or the cross formation so they can Read more

9/03/20 8:52PM

Bah, so I guess the rumors that they were remasters wasn’t true. That’s too bad. Mario 64 was amazing when it came out, but replaying it recently (when the unofficial pc port came out) reminded me just how bad it was by today’s standards.
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9/01/20 9:19PM

Don’t count on it for sure as long as the FCC is run by people who think it’s just fine for the US to have ridiculously shitty and expensive internet access (compared to other highly industrialized countries) because they’re industry bitches like Ajit Pai. Even if you’ve got great internet access that is definitely Read more

7/29/20 1:14PM

You nailed a lot of problems with this, and there’s one more. You notice they don’t show it from the side, because either that phone would have to be amazingly thick by today’s standards or the earbuds would have to protrude over the front and back.

7/29/20 1:10PM

I’d normally say Fuck Konami, don’t give them ANY of your money... but anyone dumb enough to buy one of these wildly overpriced things wouldn’t even care.

7/28/20 6:32PM

As a reminder, besides his sexual misconduct, Hascoët was also the shitheel who thought an AC: Odyssey with just Kassandra would be a failure (so they shoe-horned in the much more boring beefcake brother) and kept us from playing Aya for much of AC: Origins. Because again, feh, women, what are they good for? Le Read more