Aug 11

The idea of Bill Murray doing 100 takes for Kubrick makes me laugh. He’d punch someone and walk off the set by the end of day 1. 

Aug 10

he doesn’t admire callipygian women and it is impossible for him to fib about this fact

Aug 10

The weirdest thing in conservative antifeminism is that feminists are somehow both stuck up killjoys and sex crazed sirens.

Jul 27

Pussies are pretty tough. They shed their skin every month, birth humans, and can take a pounding. I’d say these individuals might want to seek counselling for their fear of people who run around wearing garish makeup and acting maniacal.

Jul 24

And that was the last time Len Wiseman was on the set of a good movie!

Jul 16

Odd that she didn’t mention a You’re Mean and Made My Feels Hurt And That’s Violence You Vagina-Haver Reply Guy since you just know there were more of them than any other group.

Jul 16

Incorrect. Racism against white people isn’t a thing. But it’s perfectly possible for people who are oppressed on one axis to oppress people on another axis.

Jul 14

she came close and was certainly more open than I’ve ever heard her but she’s still a lifelong Democrat politician, she’ll never be as candid or nasty as she could or should be. Let me know when she says “I regret calling them ‘deplorables’, what I should have called them was ‘functionally retarded, amoral, Read more

Jul 13

Velma is also not gay in the cartoon and even dated Shaggy briefly”

There have been something like 45 Scooby Doo cartoons, many of which cannot exist in the same universe. Velma and Shaggy dated in one of them.

Cool your jets.

Jul 13

I hope the Houston Texans change their name too, just because I think it’s dumb.

Jul 8

I would argue that not only it is possible to ignore this dipshit’s attempts at generating publicity for a presidential run, given that the fate of American democracy probably rests on this next election ending in a Biden victory it’s pretty fucking important that you do ignore it.

Jun 29

I can now picture her hovering around other people in the restroom like Moaning Myrtle and trying to determine if they belong there.