Feb 11

Maybe, but it’s 2021, we’re in the middle of a pandemic which still has the potential to last a long old time if more variants emerge, and this isn’t actively hurting anyone, so I truly don’t have the energy to get annoyed by it.

Feb 3

Despite all his rage, he is still holding cats on this page.

Jan 28

The Moviepass PWR BTM collaboration  usurped by unexpected rise of Azathoth guessed it...Frank Stallone. 

Jan 19

Those Chianti and fava bean jokes must get old, which is why I plan to one day prank Hopkins with one of those jokes but with my penis tucked between my legs.

Jan 4

It feels like sometimes folks from marginalized groups who attain a crazy amount of success - enough so that they’re essentially inoculated to hardships by money, power, fame, etc - and are able to take a far more forgiving stance on things, especially when it comes to friends. I’m thinking similarly of Ellen paling Read more

Dec 7

I mean, nobody’s in charge. That’s kind of the point. People are going to criticize someone who says something they don’t like. You’re free to disagree with them. You’re worried about people deciding what’s unacceptable,  yet here you are deciding what’s unacceptable for other people to say. And yeah, comparing the Read more

Dec 1

My sister and I enjoy hate-watching things and we went to see the movie because it looked like garbage. When Wade yelled at the villain, “YOU KILLED MY MOTHER’S SISTER” we both burst out laughing.

Nov 30

There were a lot of parts of the book that baffled me, but the notion that “filmsyncing” (memorizing a movie so you can act it out beat for beat) would become a popular form of recreation is just beyond belief. The entire scene of Wade filmsyncing “Wargames” is like watching the movie over Cline’s shoulder with him Read more

Nov 30

I bought and read it. I hadnt read reviews of it at the time, an acquaintance recommended it and the premise sounded interesting. The execution was bad, and I will never take a recommendation from that person again. Read more

Nov 13

“I think you had enough Garficcinos in your short body” sounds like an AI algorithm trying to mimic human insults. Read more

Nov 9

That guy is MAGA defined: Take away their attention, no trump, and they’re just sad, exposed, and out of breath.
BTW Happy Belated Fountain Pen day!
*my friend introduced me into the wonderful world of them, love my pair of TWISBI so much!*

Oct 16

That says it all really.  They think comparisons to the nicest man who ever lived is bad.  I literally cannot say anything more then that.  It speaks for itself. 

Oct 6

Hell, Q is just the kid in class who used CliffNotes to write his book report. Unfortunately, the book in question was Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Oct 2

often alleged to disproportionately target minorities, the poor, and the mentally ill” Read more