May 8

And so it was, in the dying days of the year 2020, following a devastating pandemic caused by covid-19 that the Hayabusa2 return capsule was opened releasing the Red Weed and sealing humanity’s fate.   Read more

Apr 28

I hated this finale so goddamn much. Like, no snark, I’m genuinely happy that Segel had a great, personally fulfilling experience making this show. But that realization didn’t have to come at the expense of the show itself. I was invested in these characters, especially the (almost never seen on TV) romance story Read more

Apr 16

Not species. Cultuvars or varietals. The domestic apple is a single species, the different types we see at stores are the equivalent of dog breeds. Selectively bred within that species. Read more

Apr 14

I like this method for large batches of bacon, but as someone who doesn’t own a dishwasher, I tend to avoid it if I can, because washing a wire rack that’s been used for bacon sucks ass. It takes forever, and the thing is still never clean.

Mar 23

Wasn’t that “Warp Core Repair 101" according to Scotty?

Dec 27

Yes our youth minister used to a similar saying.

Oct 31

I looked around quite a bit, and the only example I could actually find was season 4 of The Killing, which ran on Netflix after AMC canceled it. My hunch is Netflix lost the rights to the other seasons and decided it was better to not keep the orphaned season by itself. Read more

Oct 21

I enjoy honeycrisps, but I’m not always in the mood for an apple the size of a grapefruit.