Oct 27

What I think the real moral of the story here is the guy who was hoarding all those parts, but died before doing anything with them (using them or selling them). Read more

Oct 20

Could be worse. I have three puppies in the house right now. One is recreating Stonehenge in poo.  The other two are trying to recreate Noah’s flood.

Oct 19

People all over the country (outside of NY, CA, and major cities) are going into stores without masks all the time because they have decided to ignore something that has a very small chance of affecting them personally. Another large slice of the population has decided Covid is the second coming of the bubonic plague Read more

Sep 29

I’m so deeply deeply embarrassed by this spectacle that I can’t process it. How is it remotely possible that 1 of these 2 people will be President. What little is left of my faith in the 2 party system has been completely demolished tonight. 

Sep 15

French here. The reign of terror was not about peasants overwhelming aristocrats. It was about peasants killing anyone they deemed against them, with some charismatic leaders aiming their blood lust toward anyone who dares oppose them. Disagree ? Prove one wrong ? Cannot pay for protection ? Refuse to hand down your Read more

Jul 18

As always it’s nice to see brands, corporations, and advertisers develop a conscience... just as soon as market research says it’s safe to do so. 

Jul 7

You have to keep in mind that some of us come from an age where being into geeky shit got you bullied, whether emotionally or physically. That has changed quite a bit, but some of us still have residual emotional responses to that trauma.

Jun 24

I don’t think any of this is good or beneficial long-term, but if we’re gonna do this then let’s do this. Read more

Jun 22

I would argue that TLJ is the best of the sequels — certainly the best-looking — but that’s not saying much. The stuff with Rey and Luke is great but the B-plot with the chase story is deadly dull — and a ripoff of BSG 2.0's “33.” (And yes, I’m sure Johnson recognized the irony of a Star Wars movie ripping off Battlest Read more

Jun 21

Pop sold his ‘67 Vette 327 in the early ‘70s to pay for law school, and to be able to afford another rugrat (me).