Apr 9

The comparison between John Walker and Gilbert Hodge from the first Captain America movie - Hodge was the soldier Tommy Lee Jones wanted for the serum (“Hodge passed every test we gave him. He’s big, he’s fast, he follows orders - he’s a soldier”). Walker is the new Hodge - the perfect soldier. Only he’s never been Read more

Apr 2

The response to this show has been quite a mixed bag. Almost everyone loved the first two episodes, I found them pretty bland. Now this episode comes out and I absolutely loved it, but now a lot people found this particular episode slow with no action and preferred the first episode. Like, huh??? I don’t think I’ve Read more

Feb 27

“The Cold War is over now” ... what a quaint, optimistic belief.

Feb 19

A great novel, I’ve reread it several times over the years. But really, of all the spectacular Zelazny works, Roadmarks? I am dying for a Doorways in the Sand or Creatures of Light and Darkness or Lord of Light movie, and they all seem to be more narratively easier to put on the screen.

Nonetheless, this wonderfully Read more

Feb 19

Zelazny has so many books that would make great movies. A Night in the Lonesome October would make a great animated film - the characters of the Universal Horror movies gather in Victorian London to attempt to either facilitate or oppose Lovecraft’s Great Old ones from entering our universe.

It’s narrated by Jack the

Feb 17

Here is the thing that bug me in this: making Constantine young. Constsntine should not look younger than 30. He needs to look world-weary, cynical and like he's seen some shit. Even the Keanu version got that. 

Feb 9

Quite honestly I would have rather seen more of Leto’s Joker the way he was presented in SS. Read more

Feb 5

You might have seen an episode remastered in HD. Or who knows, maybe they shot an episode in HD as a demonstration of the technology. It was one of the most popular shows on TV in the early ‘90s. Read more

Jan 26

plan C Marvel: Punt all the other X-men to the moon or whatever and make all these dudes the main X-men. Read more

Jan 26

I want some more freaky-ass Forge inventions that he doesn’t necessarily fully understand.

Dec 31

I may be screaming into the vortex, but I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t see Neal Peart’s name on this list. As the main lyricist for the band Rush, his nerd-cred shown through on a number of occasions. A couple of examples spring to mind. He wrote a song about exploring an actual black hole (Cygnus X-1), which Read more

Dec 22

I love that “everyone got tested before” has become the default way to deflect blame and act like there was nothing that could have been done to prevent a super spreader event.

Dec 12

I joked to a friend of mine about how Waititi will direct Bale on how to play Gor the God Butcher: “Let’s imagine for a second that a crew member has walked into the scene behind you... and.... ACTION!”

Nov 30

It’s fiction. It’s all a contrivance. How the characters get into a situation is less important than what they do when they get there. That is one reason prequels so often fail.

Nov 28

DS9 was also cynical Starfleet, and many including myself consider that the best Star Trek series.

Nov 18

Long awaited ? Don’t tell the fans that ,they would stick with the show for another 15 years . Read more

Nov 4

I’m hopeful for a Solo sequel, it honestly was pretty good and they were setting up some interesting things with *spoiler* that I want to see. they were clearly setting it up as an indiana jones in space sort of thing which could be fun.