May 21 2019

Because as a private contractor, these driver’s decide for themselves if they want to provide their services through the app. But when they rely on the app as their only way to make a living, they basically whore themselves out to the lowest bidder. And if Uber can increase profits and the driver’s keep turning on Read more

May 13 2019

ahah you couldn’t have had it more wrong if you tried, I was a Tyrrell and Arrows fan back when I cared enough to watch every single GP, and at the top of the pack I had a thing for Williams. Back then I despised Ferrari (and also really didn’t like Schumacher, although I’ve grown to accept the fact that he’s the best Read more

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Feb 13 2019

I’ve been to COTA quite a bit for stuff. Big events I’ve been there for have been F1 and WEC when it was still going there and I’ve also seen a ton of smaller events there. I have tickets for T15 for the Indycar race, which I’m super excited about as I’ve not sat in that area before. Have sat in the main straight Read more

Feb 13 2019

Fourteen seconds (or 14%) slower doesn’t seem like very much. For context, that’s basically the same delta as a VW Golf MkIV R32 vs. an Aston Martin DB5.

Dec 28 2018

Too bad he wasn’t in California. Pretty much everything out here is a misdemeanor except for drinking from a plastic straw, that’s a felony.

Jun 3 2018

The look on Patrick George’s face knowing his Camaro crash has been knocked down a notch on the list of worst GM street car crashes at Belle Isle:

Apr 17 2018

Considering Michael Avenatti is involved, it must be a stormy issue for all involved.

Nov 30 2017

I await 20 years from now when Amazon has put shopping centers out of business and we can take back our land and rebuild race tracks. Read more

Oct 12 2017

Came here for this! The only reason I cared about the Rose Festival as a kid was when ChampCar came to town.

Oct 12 2017

I went to the race in 2004. The track wasn’t new, but it still made for a great place to see the race. There was a pretty good crowd back in those days. Glad to hear there is a major race back at PIR. Here’s a couple of shots I took on race day:

Oct 12 2017

Raced there and shot there the last 15 years or so.... The track surface is in good shape, the catch fencing / Armco would need some upgrading. The amenities as well could use some work. There is public tansit (Max light rail) that drops you off right at the track entrance, so that’s handy. Looking forward to having a

Sep 26 2017

The third pass was faster because the driver emptied his bowels while getting sideways at damn near 190 mph on the second pass. The reduced weight was to his advantage, obviously.

Sep 20 2017

Team Joest is definitely the most Joe of the Joe teams.