Mar 30

Very underrated game. Well I guess it was well received but I think it’s better than most people remember.

Jan 16

“There will be another character announcement, what could Sakurai possibly talk about for twenty minutes?” Read more

Oct 13 2019

If Pyke was a representation of a runaway slave who fought back against his masters and freed others or something like that then I’d probably say “maybe don’t cosplay Pyke if you’re not black” but him being black has NOTHING to do with his biography in the game. He’s basically just a hardcore fisherman. He could be Read more

Oct 11 2019

The soul of my wit is as a pale shade in the brilliance of your manifestation.

See also: Someday, I will learn brevity as you have mastered it here. Today is not that day. ;)

Jan 4 2019

Yeah I feel like no one watched the video I watched who writes about it.

Ban him. It’s 100% against tos and is written as a full ban. But if the two roles were reversed, Many of us would have the exact same narrative, that he assaulted her and she was probably blameless. (Upon reflection I think this article deserves Read more

Oct 29 2018

Oh absolutely. I mean, as the author points out, HBO’s take on Westworld is basically a pistache of this fact. I think the point is more pointing out that as games get bigger and more “detailed” the seams of the world start to become more immersion-breaking than they are when the game is already obviously not Read more

Jun 9 2016

I think you’re exaggerating. I’ve been to DC lots of times and I’ve never been able to find a street parking place downtown.

May 26 2016

My best friend and college roommate for three years is a conservative, and was a member of the college Republicans. He was (and is) an exemplary conservative and one whom I wish the party was full of. Read more

May 11 2016

Oh is this what we’re doing now? Getting all pissy because a satirist wasn’t sufficiently somber about sexual harassment allegations he had never heard before, about his good, long-time friend, sourced from “a couple of tweets by people” i.e. nobody credible? Read more

May 11 2016

FFS Jen Kirkman explicitly said it wasn’t Louis CK, and called out Jezebel for continuing to push this unfounded rumor. AND another comedian admitted that his behavior is probably the origin of the rumor. Read more

May 11 2016

Right. This is her exact quote about it from the Nerdist podcast. She doesn’t say it wasn’t him but she EXPLICITLY takes Jez to task for setting the internet mob on it. Read more

May 11 2016

Especially when another male comedian admitted it was him (Doug Stanhope). There could be two, but...

May 11 2016

These “stories” about Louis Ck; they’re rumors cobbled together into muddy accusations. Jen Kirkman hates you for continuously reporting on this non story.

May 11 2016

I’m pretty sure Jen Kirkman explicitly denied that it was about CK, which seems like a big omission considering how pissed she was at you all for tying her to CK in the first place.

Jul 27 2010

Honey? Have you seen my key to the Internet?... It's a card... It has a little gold thing thing on it. Someone wrote on it in Sharpie... I don't know why they wrote on it... Yes, that does seem like an odd thing to do. Please, honey, focus. Have you seen it? It's importa... No, I'm not being short with you.... Read more