Oct 14

Clearly thats steak/cooked beef depending what version you are playing. Porkchops are white. 

Oct 14

You should be happy about the delay. Shadowlands was not in a good state to launch. 

Oct 7

Im not sure why but I didn't understand what pipi in your pampers meant until I saw  this meme. 

Oct 1

Is it though? People thought Steve was coming when Smash first got announced. 

Sep 28

It floors me that all of the NR4 Zelda’s aren’t on the switch. I’d love to play this, Majora’s Mask, and Star Fox again.

Sep 21

I can't remember the number but I know their is supposed to be a maximum number of clicks before you start to lose customers.  It's something close to 5. Every click past that you lose like 10% of your customers. 

Aug 4

Lethal made me feel like I was playing the ghost finally. Bombs and Kunai can kill enemies in one hit which feels sweet while you still can get Merced by the some of the weakest enemies in the game. Duels no longer felt like long slogs anymore. I wish I hadn't finished the game already. 

Jul 29

I mean in fairness the Crytek lawsuit was a massive joke.

Jul 29

Yea one boss that’s like 80% of the way through the game definitely equals a tit show. 

Jul 15

Yea I feel like the anime isn't nearly as good as the webtoon. 

Jun 30

Yea I’m with you. As far as Bunny’s incident I’d have a tough time calling messages his sexual harassment. It’s inappropriate for sure, but it’s certainly not criminal. If anything I hope this story get picked up by other publications and it gets the message across and he changes his behavior. I guess part of why I’m Read more

May 23

Except it has a ton do with your point of single player content inflating sales numbers of games with competitive modes. That isn't possible with these games. League has almost 27 million daily players and 80 million monthly unique users. Most of these games last years and have staying power well beyond games that Read more

May 21

Every game I listed with the exception being call of duty are multiplayer only. 

May 20

Im not disagreeing that there are problems with voice chat but why in the world do you think that almost no one likes competitive gamemodes? It’s basically the opposite. Look at every game that’s been overwhelming popular in the last decade. They almost all have competitive game modes. League, DoTA, Fortnite, Rainbow Read more

May 6

I had to read this comment multiple times before I was able to realize this wasn’t someone complaining that we can’t say the n-word on Facebook. Reddit has skewed my perception finally.

Apr 28

Ive only read a couple of your articles on Compete over the years but this was a great read.