yeah-but will it manual?
3:40 PM

meanwhile David Tracy is drooling because he’ll soon be buying a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee with rust content similar to his other rusty fleet. 

7:39 AM

can someone explain how does manual transmission work in an electric vehicle? Do you need a clutch? what if I just leave it in the highest gear and mush the go pedal? do I stall?? what is the “optimal” way to use a manual transmission to squeeze the longest range out of my EV?

2:40 PM

at least there’s a beach next to LAX. I just had a 6 hr layover and checked all my bags in and went to hang out at Dockweiler. then took a lime scooter back and hopped into security and was home in no I don’t know what you’re talking about 

5:15 PM

You want tough? I’ll tell you what tough is. just last week I went for a business trip to Mexico City. The driver that our company’s been using for the last 4 years was there to meet me and drive me across town in rush hour traffic, wait out the meeting and turn around and “rush’ me back to the airport across town.