SmoresTM Has No Chill (O==[][]==O)
Jun 4 2018

Hello Oppo. Long time no see. Two years, actually. I return because I’ve recently come into ownership of a pair of original 1928 Connecticut plates (pictured). Although I don’t currently have anything appropriate for these plates to live on (a ‘28 plate on a ‘76 BMW? Don’t think so, but definitely thought about it) I

Nov 24 2015
I'm Going Home!

I’m catching a train home for Thanksgiving recess and I finally get to be reunited with two of my favorite non-human

Nov 23 2015
Do it...[BAN(ned)-Pete]

There are few things will get you banned from CL, all of which are legitimate. As a member that has been here since

Nov 4 2015
An Icon Reborn

Four years ago, Mike Burroughs lost a friend. Some of you may know the story, others may not, but his BMW E28

Sep 8 2015

I don’t typically like red cars. This manual BMW 840, however, I like quite a lot.