sam bozeman
Mar 22 2018

Jesus took the wheel, Satan took the gas pedal.

Mar 22 2018

I first touched a boob in a Berlinetta....LOL. My teenage babysitter. Don’t judge, it was awesome. And I think she was wearing an REO Speedwagon t-shirt too. I’ve had a wonderful life so far.

Dec 3 2017

Steel columns meant to come down clearly in place.  Read more

Nov 30 2017

She Can’t Hear How Bald I Am.

Nov 22 2017

hey, if ping pong is an olympic event drifting can be racing. Its not the world we chose, but its the one we’ve got.

Nov 21 2017

We were 16, and a buddy just got his license and spent his savings working part-time at a grocery store on a Chevrolet Cavalier, which cost around $800 if I remember correctly. We lived in a small town, so him and I were pretty much the only ones in our class that had cars, but since mine was a CRX (2 seats), we took Read more

Nov 20 2017

Frameless windows - great when parked. Every single car I’ve had like that - including the AW11 I just drove 300 miles yesterday - whistles like a Disney dwarf heading to the mine. Frameless windows suck. I love them, but they suck.

Nov 15 2017

We had a local redneck who owned about 10 pickup trucks... all with plates, but only one up to date registration sticker, with velcro on the back of it. Read more

Nov 15 2017

And yet Catholicism is still a pay-to-play experience riddled with pointless side quests and micro-transactions. At least translations are now available.

Nov 14 2017

He’s.... waiting.... on parts from Japan?

Doesn’t that stuff ship overnight?

Oct 30 2017

This is not the Jeep Comanche you are looking for. After 6 months of your ownership it’d be worth $1850. We’ve seen how you treat your rental home and how you “fix” your vehicles.

Oct 19 2017

Dammit, this is two in a row you got a COTD vote from me.

Oct 12 2017

It was a misunderstanding.

Sep 19 2017

that was the most ominous innocuous thing i’ve ever read

Sep 19 2017

Minivans are just as good driving the kids around as they are driving the babysitter home.

Sep 11 2017

I knew a girl in college named Cubby. She was SMOKIN’ hot. I like to be reminded of her. I wish I had found out if she was dirty....

Sep 6 2017

Smoothing out the hinges in the name of aerodynamics would be like throwing a deck chair off the Titanic to slow down the sinking.

Sep 6 2017

“Gas near me”