Nobody ever watched “Friends”, and asked “Is this White enough?” Read more

While I think it is fair to critique Barris for this it seems to have become the party line for everything he does. Read more

There is this special kind of not Black enough critique that Black creators get. Nobody ever watched “Friends”, and asked “Is this White enough?” (Although NBC execs for sure said that when watching Living Single).  Read more

I’m not sure if you can put Blackish and Insecure in the same category when it comes to appealing to a “white audience”. Lawrencehive was the blackest blackity black ish on social media for a hot minute. That has to speak to the way Insecure resonated with it's black audience in a spectacular way. Read more

Oh Man are they combining FFVII with the Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross ideas? If so, I am all the way in. I thought that this was just going to be a retread and was going to ignore it but chrono trigger/ chrono cross was probably my favorite rpg story, even if it got a bit heady for some. And I think the Schala/ chrono Read more

Kind of to the detriment of a lot of movies, so I hear. Lulu Wang said in an interview about the Farewell, that producers are still looking for that Big Fat Greek Wedding aesthetic and they were pushing her toward more broad eccentric characters in her movie. She pushed back and won, but alluded to a number of, for Read more

Why did you choose to speak with Russel and not Ortiz about this? Hasn’t Russell admitted that she read Ortiz’s book and then wrote a white version of it. If so, isn’t all the depth that you are mining for in the interview, someone else’s? Read more

She was last in a Lifetime Movie. She played a woman who killed her husband and almost killed her daughter.  Read more

While Nia Vardalos did not get to recreate the success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it is fair to say that the film paved way for wedding romcoms with non-WASP characters like Crazy Rich Asians. Read more

I take an Iyengar yoga class where adjustments are sometimes done. Prior to the class starting, the instructor will inform students that when adjustments are necessary, s/he will ask students if they’re comfortable with that. When the opportunity arises, the instructor will discreetly request permission from the Read more

I was radicalized by punk rock and Deadspin. Read more

I feel like there is more to this family. Read more

took me 10 minutes to watch a 4 minute video. Read more

Are you talking about mega rich donors that aren’t associated with companies?  I don’t know that they exist. Read more

Well your right, he was outside the base path. Then he stepped into the inside of the base path to catch the ball, bringing him to the inside where Jake had decided to go because at the time he had been outside. But once Lucroy stepped inside Jake had already committed to the inside path and at 29fps it was to late. Read more

In the header image of JR playing baseball, I’m assuming that hit a line drive to right field and ran to 3rd. Read more

Maybe dial down that headline and include a trigger warning. I agree with you on substance but Suicide pact isn’t even the right way to characterize what you are talking about. Read more

But even that is a red herring, these guys have wealth yes, but it came in the form of income, so yes, you can get at that money. it didnt come from nowhere and there’s a lot of movement of money that could ultimately be taxable. To pretend that its just sitting in an account is just not th way the world works.  Read more

But this is a weird distinction, because we aren’t talking about hiltons and vanderbilts. All three of these men had income of hundreds of billions of dollars, so the specious point you’re making just falls away. This is a question of what to do about income. Read more

“ The superstar QA testers were the ones who found tiny, not-going-to-be-fixed bullshit and wrote them up the fastest, ignoring stuff that would take too long to repro.”  Read more