Am I wrong, or is Regina King implying that black american actors were too lazy to put in the work for this film? And that’s why she cast a british guy. Read more

Without having to think on it. George H.W. Bush and Clinton come to mind. Read more

I find the interest with what Kenya Barris is doing fascinating. Read more

Chrono Cross was such a great follow up.  That whole story could use a remake. Trigger - Radical Dreamers - Chrono Cross.  Read more

I assume a publicist set this up, and forbid mention of Ortiz. Maybe Jezebel will run a companion article. Read more

Mackie is playing the father, the sisters accusations were against Jr., who is a monster, and they rightfully had been moving behind the scenes to get the brother removed from the project and get themselves on as producers. Cynthia, one of the sister, has been in Hollywood for a long time, so its strange that they Read more

Star Trek and into Darkness were directly the result of time travel shenanigans changing the ethos of the federation. In beyond the guy was a military officer, who was sent out to explore the galaxy against his will to kill. Read more

There are a lot of examples on the internet of Matthews farting during the time when his interviewees speak. If it were a phone or a mug, surely there would be examples of this sound, but there aren’t. Read more

“these days”, “75 years ago”, “I recall back in...”, Okay Boomer Read more

Interesting designs, but what’s with the tiny bicep, huge forearm thing? Read more

If only there were other examples of racism in the south that we could point to... Read more

King’s idea was a horror story, and that in the end the family and the connection between everyone was needed to defeat it ( aka The Shining). There’s a sense of a tale. Read more

Whitney lived a long life with Crawford in it, if she wanted the relationship public, she had a long time to talk about it. Read more

I’m not denying anything.  But you are equating a consensual relationship with child molestation, so I’m done with you. Read more

Stating her truth maybe, but really, trying to sell a book. She’s trying to make money off of Whitney Houston’s name, and it appears to be in disservice the relationship that was consented to between them. Whitney wanted to keep it private and those were consensual terms. To compare that to child rape is reprehensible. Read more

He was only really defined by his height in the 80s. In the nineties and early aughts, up until cassady came on, he was often shown as taller than jean and eye to eye with scott in panels. So in the run up into the first movie small wasn’t really how most people perceived wolverine. Read more

I sometimes have trouble with alcohol, but games hit that dopamine area and take its place.  Why would I want to dull the experience of games with alcohol? Read more

I think the response to the mass release of private photos a few years ago helped. People didn’t say, “I transgressed when I took my own photos” but, “fuck those guys, they did something immoral and illegal.” I remember Jennifer Lawrence especially coming out swinging. That’s really how the tide is changing and each Read more

I think they are weak ass apologies, but at the same time, condemning a genocide very much the least that can be done, so its weird that she’s like “I won’t put my name on this thing that someone else drafted and just states facts” Read more