3/04/19 10:24AM

To blatantly steal someone’s point from another one of these threads: a large proportion of the judges’ viewing is done at home with free DVD screeners, far away from an “authentic” cinema experience.

3/04/19 9:16AM

So you are ready to believe that Michael Jackson just “befriended” these two pre-adolescent boys, lavished great favors and attention on their families, took great pains to be alone with the young boys, admittedly had them sleep in his bed on many occasions, and there was no sexual abuse? He was just their 30 year-old Read more

3/04/19 7:11AM

MJ chose to keep the company of young children unrelated to him and sleep in the same bed with them alone in his room. To this he admitted himself and that’s enough fucked up for me. 

3/01/19 1:06AM

I’m hoping Soju will be brought back later in the season. She was one of my favorites, personality-wise.

2/28/19 11:57PM

Keto isn’t a healthy diet. It’s an extreme diet that forces your body into a starvation state. You are supposed to eat an absolute bare minimum of carbs. People eating a true ketogenic diet are eating mainly meat and dairy. Read more

2/28/19 11:57PM

Nooooo Soju. That dress was rough, but she’s sweet, I was a fan before she was cast. She’s probably a bit timid for the show, especially in this lively cast. Well, down to one Asian queen. I'm happy fellow Canadian Brooke took home a win. 

2/28/19 10:54PM

Ok. But high carb diets possibly lead to yeast infections. I’ll take a bit of off smell instead of an off smell and an unbearable itch.
Read more

2/28/19 10:18PM

I audibly gagged at the thought of getting ready to go down on a sexy dude, only to be punched in the face nose by some stank hot dog dick.

2/28/19 10:12PM

I don’t get why it’s either or. How about a balanced diet of protein to carbs? Then you aren’t getting off smells either freaking way.

2/28/19 9:49PM

It’s not just vaginas! There was a bodybuilder in my dorm when I was in college who basically only ate meat as part of some weird 0% body fat diet. He was stunningly gorgeous, intelligent, and charming. He got tons of one-night stand tail but could never hold down a girlfriend. Why? It was openly discussed (behind his Read more

2/28/19 12:03PM

Do people generally eat in the car or do they just treat it as a less convenient Drive thru?

2/28/19 7:14AM

He was never attached to direct. Probably had more to do with Apocalypse being underwhelming at the box office and critically (and, more subjectively, seeming like the work of someone a bit fed up) than the other reasons why he might be removed from a film.

2/28/19 5:23AM

I’m going to take a middling position and say that the big issue is that there isn’t much audience investment in this Jean Grey going into the film, which would be a big help in making a fall from grace compelling.

2/28/19 5:00AM

Chrome’s native ad-blocking works pretty well on Kinja sites. I actually get less ads/glitches if I turn my adblock off.

2/27/19 1:54PM

You can but I don’t think most people do, which is why I don’t think any Sonic franchisees (besides this idiot) pay tipped wages. Even if most fast food franchisees are miserly shitheels, they also want employees to keep showing up to work every day.

2/27/19 4:40AM

This is one of the biggest problems with our political system - the people we elect to make the laws are often so incredibly stupid that they cannot understand the basic concepts of things they are trying to legislate. There should be some sort of mandatory standardized test for anyone running for public office.