Sep 21

But to claim on their official twitter that their Model S “Plaid” can run 7:20 and potentially 7:05? I don’t know, it seems purposefully vague and misleading. I doubt even their P100D+ will have the upgrades and it definitely will not have its interior stripped out when it goes into production. And this is obviously a Read more

Sep 21

Amazing article, well written, unbiased, and intriguing. The EV competition at the ‘Ring is definitely a good refresher and very exciting!

Aug 16 2018

A hint of shark? I’ve had multiple people say that they thought it looked exactly like a shark. And there’s wings, vents and scoops everywhere! Read more

Aug 15 2018

I really do love the Lamborghini flagship compared to the other “big Italian”. It’s all motor, no hybrid and looks patently ridiculous. It’s just so much more fun than the Ferrari lets itself be.