She’s a villain for leaving the show before we could see the interior of her new house!

I’m really appreciating this conversation here in the comments, and might watch this piece, as well. I’ve always felt disproportionate with my big ass and barely-B-cup boobs, and I’ve been tempted over the years to look into implants. That temptation has only grown since having children (I don’t even recognize these Read more

Fuck yeah - bright and early this morning. But not before agonizing a bit over the fact that he has my address and phone number.

Yup! I was reminded yesterday of how much most men think that women exist entirely to be receptors of men’s proclivities, whatever they may be. I had an HVAC dude working at my house yesterday and he showed me a dick pic, not once, but twice! The first time it was ostensibly an accident - he was showing me photos on Read more

Sidenote: have you all been seeing the ads for Barstool Sports on here, like I have? I’m at a loss. Either Spamfeller & Co. are trolling the current crop of Deadspin writers, or Spamfeller media are just trolling themselves now...

I love that show and have watched it through about three times. Her character’s treatment by the men around her was one of the focal points of the show; not in a garish way or one that glamorizes lasciviousness, but her sexualization by those around her (and the ways that she sometimes uses it as a tool) is presented Read more

Capped off by the text that begins with him referencing “ALLLLL of this”, as though his cute, average-sized wife is going to need to be loaded into her own, separate U-Haul truck for transport. This guy remains just as gross as he was way back when he first became lodged into pop culture consciousness. Barf!

It was the 1980s. No one really cared about kids back then. I’m saying this as a factual statement. Read more

Ooohhh, how I wish that an air marshal had been on that flight - this dumbfuck would have been in handcuffs in 3 seconds flat on that video. And isn’t that the sort of catharsis that this nation really needs to heal itself right now? lol

I’ve been a fan since his Faith album days and Older is my favorite album of his; I think because as Rich points out, it’s so revealing while simultaneously withholding. Read more

Here’s to hoping that that rage channels itself toward a massive coronary, sooner rather than later.

I too usually look sideways at such May-December relationships most of the time, but they did seem very much in love. I honestly think that it’s a divorce to protect assets as the lawsuits against him mount. Apparently she has been “gifting” a lot of her personal stuff to friends and family in order to prevent it all Read more

Man, I’m sorry. I can absolutely relate - my dad was a mailman with a walking route and he began tuning into Rush Limbaugh every single day while delivering mail, as far back as the early nineties. Now retired, both he and my mom have been pumping this poison into their ears for so long, that they’re in a permanent Read more

It is still astounding to me (and a testament to the deep, deep misogyny of our culture), that Janet Jackson’s career was so profoundly impacted by that moment. This woman, who reigned as pop ROYALTY for the two preceding decades - and one split-second nip-slip took her down.

Related: anyone know when the next season of “The Righteous Gemstones” is coming? It seems so timely with all of this Hillsong garbage spilling out this year. If nothing else, they’ll have great source material for the next season. Read more

Came here to say exactly this. Racism is the root; misogyny is a secondary given. Read more

Since she and I are the same age, I can remember distinctly - her rise to becoming “famous for being famous” was early 2000's (when she was in her twenties) and would have been after her time in this residential program. And honestly, it makes so much sense now. The partying, the drugs, the sex tape -all the truly Read more

A subreddit called r/SilhouetteUnfiltered, where users were posting edited Silhouette video challenges... Read more