It’s already a known fact that the medical profession will rate a black persons pain lower than a White patient’s. Tbh, I never thought to consider to apply it to mental health treatment. Just glad Dad was able to catch it on video. Read more

I bet you’ll find at least a few. Anytime a mentally ill person isn’t white or straight, it just creates an extra obstacle to them getting reliable care. Mental health care in particular requires a lot of empathy, and some people are incapable of feeling that for anyone who doesn’t look like them.

She’s a doctor, not a nurse. Which, to my thinking, is all the more horrific.

The Tone Police (Brian Stelter included) can go fuck themselves on a sharp instrument. Read more

That suit’s otherwise pretty good, but those arm-stabbers are awful.

Just for the hell of it Wonder Woman 2 should mix up the armor Diana wears. Put her in the full body armor for part of the movie.

So why does it work for marsupials but not humans? Is it just the difference in developmental time? Because joeys seem to stay in their mother’s pouch for quite a long time.

But isn’t one of the main reasons that humans have such prominent fontanelles that infants need a soft skull in order to allow our large heads to be delivered? If we were talking about a radical redesign to a more marsupial-ish system, I’m not sure infants would need such soft skulls.

The pouch isn’t such a bad idea. Humans have big heads and narrow hips, so by the time a baby is somewhat functional giving birth is already incredibly difficult. Copying marsupials makes some sense.

I like Eureka too. She feels different. The pageant-y kinds of queens like Aquaria are pretty but, honestly, beyong that prettiness there’s not much personality. At least she’s boisterous and funny.

The hate for Eureka drives me crazy. Critiquing a Drag Queen for having a big overt the top personality has been the stupidest critique ever. Queens having over the top personalities is basically one of the oldest stereotypes in Drag Read more

She will be just another in a long line of people who went out of their way to fuck this country and everyone in it and not only not be held accountable, but rewarded for it.

When she leaves the white house at the end of this year she better not get the Spicer treatment.

I’m pretty sure that’s a standard thing any Kinkos-type place could do in minutes.

Exactly. If they truly cared about the declining fertility, they might require ALL males to donate their sperm. It’s entirely possible many of those gay men they executed were fertile, unlike Fred Waterford.

I like this idea, but I doubt it. Men have identities. Women are nameless.

Remember that time a few years ago, when Cameron was a contributor to the AV Club, and as a result, every time she sneezed it got a Newswire? Read more

After not really being heard for a while I was glad the word rape came up several times in the episode. Can’t be stated enough that this is what Gilead does. Read more