Dec 22 2014

So it's the festive season, and it's probably time I give you something as a massive thank you, for everything you people have done.

Dec 18 2014

Ohayou gozaimasu/おはようございます for copypasta

Dec 4 2014

His scouter broke off due to high powerlevels.

Nov 30 2014
Amiibo Futures?

Saw this Amiibo carrying case at Best Buy and saw this on the tag. Possible upcoming Amiibos or just some random

Nov 28 2014

So...the new Smash Bros for Wii U is awesome. Unfortunately, not all the stages are great and it's missing a lot of those retro stages we love so much. Thankfully the internet is a thing. This guy really went to the trouble of making these as painstakingly perfect as possible. He says he's going to share them once the Read more

Nov 20 2014

I wanted to do something like that, but I'm doing something else Smash related. A poster of every single Smash character in the series to date! I'm starting it up on the weekend. It'll be my most ambitious single illustration/piece to date.