Bernie Kosar's Dementia

Can you believe that just four years ago, it was a distinct possibility that the Mets and Blue Jays could have met in the damn World Series? And it was the Royals of all teams that won the damn thing. Read more

She’s thinking “I’m doing pretty well for someone who doesn’t support Medicare For All! Imagine if I were an actual progressive instead of a late-in-life convert from the ivory tower! Read more

Sherrod Brown is white . . .
Read more

Irrelevant. To NOT impeach is to set in stone for all historical record that both political parties firmly believe that Obstruction of Justice, profiting from the presidency, and the laundry list of other behaviors are absolutely acceptable for a President. By doing nothing, Republicans and Democrats would stand in Read more

Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, are representative of the democratic principles of free speech and free press. They deserve tireless defending. Those who support this vicious campaign against them are enemies of democracy. Read more

weird. you’d have thought that after the Republicans had made such total fools of themselves on the national stage, there’s no way they could ride that energized base into a takeover of every level of government. Read more

Campaigning and pursuing actual Liberal agendas is extreme? Huh. I thought that was what we should expect from our candidates Read more

A well noted moron and two bit hustler won the Republican primary and presidency because he campaigned on BIG ideas like a racist wall and undoing everything “the black president” did. Which, unfortunately, were issues that Republicans cared a lot about Read more

“Lionel Pimpin” was also the reason the Commodores broke up Read more

I can’t believe the same shit from 2016 is happening again. Pope Thrower is fine. He’s ok. He’s up against Princehoward Barebecue Yee, by any reasonable metric a top three name in the tournament...and the Pope is winning like 72%-28%. A disaster. This is already the second worst NOTY voting travesty ever - nothing Read more

Jeez louise this news really hits home. How could this happen to such a great guy? Read more

Neither the UFC nor McGregor’s publicist issued a comment to the Times, though a rep for McGregor said, “We don’t comment on rumors.” Read more

“Don’t quit on talent,” Read more

She didn’t say a single thing that was anti-Semitic. Fuck Nancy Pelosi. Fuck Chelsea Clinton. Fuck all the Democrats that let AIPAC bribe them.  So sick of all these corrupt politicians that don’t work for the American people. Establishment Dems are just as corrupt and easy to bribe as Republicans. Read more

What are the fucking ends that justified the means in the case of Franken?  We lost one Democratic Senator and he was replaced by...another Democratic Senator. Who the fuck is Al Franken that losing him supposedly caused such a massive loss to the party? Read more

Yeah, this guy Assange got access to John Podesta’s e-mails and then ran around spreading the truth about Hillary and the DNC undermining the Democratic Primary. It’s all his fault that Hillary received 3 million more votes and still lost, Assange must somehow have access to a time machine and went back and installed Read more

Here’s the tone, Kirk is not only bad at his job but he’s a terrible human being to boot.  Just because he’s mentally ill doesn’t undo those two facts.   Read more

Browns fan. I don’t know how to express my reaction to this game other than to say I can’t believe that I can’t believe it. Of course we found yet another way to lose a football game. Read more