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Nov 20 2013

Pros and cons. Go!

Sep 29 2013

The S2000 I was going to look at was sold a few days ago. Too bad for me, I guess. Read more

Sep 24 2013

Shopping for a used car from dealer. Aside from Craigslist, and Autotrader, what websites do I check to see

Sep 10 2013
Well then,

I've gotten dead set on an S2000. An AP2. But only the 04-05 model. 06+ have a revised floor pan that makes it a bit

Aug 16 2013
So, I did some maths.

Turns out early Evo 8s sqreeeeeeeeeeeeeeze into a theoretical budget for a new car I came up with. And thats, well,

Aug 15 2013
What would you buy?

You have a budget range of $0-$16500(give or take) for a car. It will be driven about four days a week, so it need

Aug 14 2013
Was this any good?

The Lancer Ralliart. The one that was like 60% Evo X 40% Evo IX 100% Parts bin special. I remember wanting one