RWS Motorsport
3/18/18 5:45PM

Oh please. The factory teams are faster than the teams that buy a chassis/engine and try to make it work? Color me shocked. Read more

9/25/17 4:34PM

Depends; are they Richard Petty Motorsports fans? Because losing is a tradition as well.

1/23/17 10:42PM

Between the fact that I find this all confusing and nonsensical and the whole “yellows beget yellows” phenomenon, Read more

12/19/16 7:39PM

Currently in the UK if you receive a fixed penalty notice for using your mobile phone while driving then the fine is £100 (~$125) and 3 Penalty points on your licence (each 12 points is a disqualification from driving, points last 3 years the sequence is usually 6 months ban for the first 12 pointer, 1 year for the Read more

10/06/16 6:26PM

Netflix*’s runaway hit Stranger Things† did a lot of things right, and chief among them: antagonizing the US‡ Department of Energy**. Read more

9/27/16 2:00AM

And yet, Ford took how much from taxpayers during the recession in comparison to every other “American” car maker? Read more

9/27/16 12:56AM

Small cars are supposed to be cheap. If they can’t make them cheap then they won’t be competitive. Read more

9/27/16 12:54AM

Make a company unprofitable, so that it closes and everyone loses....

9/27/16 12:10AM

“Hey kid, wanna try some EcoBoost?”

9/27/16 12:10AM

They’re going to hire Eddie Braun to head up their Mexican distribution operation…

9/27/16 12:00AM

I would have hoped it was a Dukes of Hazard style ramp to jump the Rio Grande.