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Thanks for the update. I initially recieved their pretty crap response and was less than impressed, so I had resigned myself to not buying the stream again in future and using alternate means. Having seen this however i have followed up and will see what the response is. Initial response was a very poor way to treat a Read more

9pm, so not exactly rush hour, but not quiet. It’s not a particularly busy bit of road, but visiblity changes quite a bit as its not very straight on a lot of bits, and the straights are undulating so you can loose cars in the dips. Source: am from norfolk, drove that bit of road sunday (not at 156mph) Read more

Norfolk native here, the bit of the A11 he got done on is brand spanking new tarmac (not that it makes any difference, just for reference). That concrete abomination section is not far south of Norwich and shakes my spine shitless every time I drive it. Read more

Dont forget the super sexy rear lights:

And just think, for every 1 british person who was so offended, another 100 or so just clicked off, and tutted slightly before moving on, but harbouring quiet resentment for the next few days/weeks/years. I mean, they were livid, but actually complaining, thats just not cricket I say! Read more

What was going on this weekend with exclusions. WEC, ELMS, PWC, seems everyone was skirting the edge of the rules (or making a legitimate mistake in the ELMS case). Read more

and by about 9.30 there was accumulation too. Read more

Well now that is a fantastic reply, thanks! Read more

The problem with there being proof, is that if there were proof, then chances are the scrutineers would say no, and not allow the car the enter. So theres development going on within the engines to improve power output, but naturally you cant see that without stripping the engine, and thats not feasible. I believe for Read more

Ha fair, well I mean clearly you need the High Downforce package at Goodwood. After all, the track has left AND right corners ;) Read more

Doing some promo work and demo laps between races, as I think itll be running at the Festival of Speed in June. Read more

No explicit facts, but Simon Hadfield, who prepares cars for various people including people racing at Goodwood, and does a fair bit of racing himself, said this: Read more

To entirely counter what Mate said, theres quite a good thread on Ten Tenths about the 74MM and a lot of discussion about just this. Historic Car Development is fairly openly discussed there. Yep, these cars are not as they were in period. Read more

Citroëns friendly neighbours Peugeot have the Bipper. It’s a French thing. Read more

Edwardian Oppo? Edwardian Oppo!

We dont really have Cars & Coffee in the UK, but Pistonheads organises Sunday Services, and they had one this morning at Silverstone. Lots of pictures and very few words here:

Andy Priaulx (of Ford GT, ex BMW) cut his teeth hill climbing. He did some long interviews with Radio Le Mans, and his comments were really interesting. He was saying the way to approach a Hill Climb is like the first lap of a wet race. The grip is pretty much a total unknown because the tyres are not up to temp, the Read more

Having watched a fan idiot lying down - head first into the cars and sticking his arm out to film on his phone, on the inside of a corner at WRC GB in November, I simply fail to be surprised by the level of stupidity shown by some rally fans.

The Suffolk Troll strikes again. Read more