Rust and Dust - Oppositelock Forever
Dec 31

Bruh. This shit ain’t changing. A few weeks ago, I decided to do a little gag as a joke, when the President of the United States started openly undermining free and fair elections. Read more

Nov 16

This is the oldest post referencing Oppositelock I can find so I’m going to put a little something here for anyone who finds it. wasn’t just a blog, it was a small place on the internet automotive enthusiasts would frequent because not only was it about cars, but it was also about what was Read more

Nov 11

So you Jalops realize just how solid of a dude you have at the helm, on the day this news became known, Rory took notice of a comment I’d made asking the editors to help us save OPPO and replied asking me to email him. A few hours later he called me and we had a long conversation about how much we both cared about the Read more

Oct 27

You know what we say to new Oppo members: stay out of the basement. And just look at you now, having made it all the way to the big leagues of Kinja! Congrats buddy!

Sep 22

I NEVER do this. I always push stop. Otherwise the microwaves get out and then they cook you! Do you want to be partially microwaved every time you go for your Hot Pocket! NO!

Aug 18

Sorry, the bright shiny star was already claimed. I do have a lower-quality spare around here somewhere you can have...