Rust and Dust
Aug 10

Venezuela and Zimbabwe are cautionary tales on what happens when you let a populist demagogue take the wheel. Read more

Aug 7

He’s gonna be a Christmas Goose if I have anything to say about it. As in, dinner. In case that wasn’t clear. I’ve had enough of his shenanigans. 

Aug 5

The people trust us”? That’s a shame for anyone that bought one of their cars with the DCT.

Aug 4

What a fucking asshole. Jail him.

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Aug 4

Most fires don’t detonate high-order tactical nuclear sized explosions, this camera holder probably figured he was at a safe distance. At least he only had about 1 second to regret his choice.

Jul 31

Everyone gets a freebie for their vices. I’d be a real prick if I judged everyone who wasted their money on booze.

Jul 31

Tell em to reconnect the battery and your power windows will be able to move and your rear lights will magically light.