Rust and Dust
Oct 13

So it was Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the intercontinental ballistic missile!

Sep 30

Seen multiple times, often referred to as paint “frying” in shops. Incompatible paint systems will do that. Even if the single stage is 100% cured, the solvents in the new paint can “reactivate” the old paint. You might be able to let everything set up, sand the truck (not to bare metal, but to cut the top down and Read more

Sep 25

Thanks for the excellent write-up.  As a lifelong east coast resident (Maine and Mid-Atlantic), those fire/smoke photos are absolutely surreal.

Sep 14

That logic applies to both proposing marriage, and doing so with the Wiener-mobile present.

Sep 3

Its funny, I noticed the negative camber on the right rear wheel before I noticed the coat hanger/bungee cord abomination.

Jul 16

I meant to reply to your post yesterday, and this one earlier today, but work has been an absolute motherfucker, so I haven’t been able to. I’m home and drinking now, so let’s have at it!