SaabLife, because Gripen
Feb 28 2016

I’m speccing out a Camry. When it comes time to sell, we’ll see who has the last laugh.

Jan 22 2016

... I had to double check where you said you were from since you weren’t using freedom units to measure temperature.

Jan 5 2016

The original generation 9-5 is what you were describing. The 9-5 was all new and extremely modern. It also drives very, very well. Great engine, very advanced Haldex system, good interior materials save for wood, great seats, great looks.

Jan 5 2016

Can you come by and push my clutch in every morning? It’ll just take a second.

Jan 5 2016

As long as we’re throwing money at the problem, why not just go for the heated attached garage? Works wonders for me.

Jan 5 2016

Scruffy’s gon’ die the way he lived.

Jan 5 2016

I want to die in my sleep, like my grandfather, and not screaming and yelling, like the passengers on the bus he was driving.

Dec 4 2015

“Jalop” here. I don’t necessarily disagree. I’d like the option to be able to get to and from work without having to drive, and I fully recognize that having mass transit would reduce traffic so that on the occasions I would drive for fun would be more enjoyable. and it might lessen the chance that some dickhead would Read more

Dec 4 2015

Jalop here. I just want to be able to drive or ride in my own car whenever I want to and it will be parked in my garage when I’m at home.

Dec 4 2015

You are fine with 90% of the products you own being made in China, but not your automobile?