SaabLife, because Gripen
Sep 16 2015

Immune System: “Dude, we’re in Sierra Leone, I’m sending it back out both ends if you even think about it”.

Aug 12 2015

Oh yeah, totally forgot about Edge of Tomorrow. It was pretty good, doesn’t hold a candle to the source material, but it was alright. Then again, I liked Max and Edge of Tomorrow just as much. Not being a stick in the mud and all. Sorta ironic that they both nearly made the same box office numbers and returns.

Jul 27 2015

Man, you’re one depressing little dude. By the way, telling someone to “fuck off”, kinda makes any respectable argument you have fly out the window.

Jun 29 2015

If I was going to go down the Saab SUV route, I’d probably go with one of these. The 2.8L Turbo is just dandy in them. Too bad it’s the definition of “unicorn”.