Run John Boy Run
Nov 30

Isn’t the more obvious Simpsons reference that fake angel skeleton Lisa discovered, which turned out to be an elaborate marketing stunt for the new mall?

Oct 28

LW1 is not a reliable narrator. Few people who write Dan are, and even though she doesn’t seem like she’s spinning the entire story, there’s little chance that this interaction went as simply as “Hey honey, I just stopped by to see you like I said I would.”

Oct 28

Maybe he freaked out because he knew his gf was a nutcase and there was no guarantee that she wouldn’t smash some girl in face just for existing in the same space as him. Read more

Oct 15

It’s great when a show points this out. Like at the end of the 7th season of Psych, an outside consultant played by Anthony Michael Hall is brought in to assess the Santa Barbara PD and their use of a “psychic detective.” Shawn and the SBPD point out how they’ve solved something like 100 cases, most of them murders Read more

Oct 14

The interesting part of Dexter was not that there is a serial killer who only kills other serial killers. It’s that Miami is so thoroughly infested with serial killers that such a thing is even possible.

Oct 1

I can’t agree. Frenchie is great but I wouldn’t suddenly now watch a show only about him- or MM, who is my favorite character. I think The Boys needs both Butcher and Hughie for the dynamics they bring to the team, and the series. Butcher is an especially important counterpoint to Homelander on the other side. And whil Read more

Sep 27

Watched Free Solo at TIFF. The filmmakers and Honnold were sitting a few rows in front of me, and I was still terrified something  bad would happen to him. It was amazing.

Sep 18

A deeply underrated scene was A trains fairwell. Nobody was actually present and the disrespect he had to do the lines to a stuntdouble..That was some cold shit.

Sep 5

I don’t think the screenshot of an e-mail basically saying he hung up on the investigator without discussing any details is quite the proof of willing cooperation that he thinks it is.

Aug 24

Yeah, this isn’t “What if superheroes were actually bad”; this is “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely; Super powered people would be corrupt by default, and this is our interpretation of what a ‘real’ Superhero would look like”. Read more

Aug 22

What the hell does Zack Snyder have against Leonard Cohen that he wants to ruin his most famous song.

Aug 20

I’m worried I’m cutting Whedon too much slack here, but I really would like to know A) what, specifically, Whedon did, and B) why Fisher refuses to elaborate despite being given numerous opportunities to do so, and despite putting himself out there with these accusations in the first place. It seems like an “in for a Read more

Aug 20

...What exactly did he do? I know he supposedly said shitty things about Zack Snyder’s work on set, which is sorta unprofessional and dickish, but...lot of people say shitty things about Zack Snyder’s work. Read more

Aug 12

Im an unabashed fan of early County Music. I kinda worship Maybelle Carter and I’m glad one of her songs is featured in the film. Wildwood Flower is my favorite Country song period. I once wrote this loving rambling piece about this movie which I just adore.                                                              Read more

Aug 7

I object to the notion that white people are horrifying, eldritch abominations from beyond the stars! Read more