Run John Boy Run
Aug 12

Im an unabashed fan of early County Music. I kinda worship Maybelle Carter and I’m glad one of her songs is featured in the film. Wildwood Flower is my favorite Country song period. I once wrote this loving rambling piece about this movie which I just adore.                                                              Read more

Aug 7

I object to the notion that white people are horrifying, eldritch abominations from beyond the stars! Read more

Aug 5

Imagine being such a “No fats, no femmes, MASC4MASC” weirdo that finding out that your man wants to paint your toenails causes this dramatic reaction. For me, the biggest problem with this relatively benign request would be trying not to laugh as my partner gets super horny over toenail painting. Just being rock hard Read more

Jul 29

They totally were. SO MANY guys think they have a magic dick. Or a magic duck, which is what I typed first, and which is honestly more likely to appeal to a lesbian.

Jul 14

I wondered about the bartender too. Very slight things, but I think they’re there.

Jul 11

If your paying close attention the movie implies at least one other wedding guest is caught in the time loop.

Jun 18

i actually liked eisenberg’s luthor fine, in the context of the very bad movie he was in.

Jun 17

For real, the day this scene stops being funny is the day the body snatchers have won:

Jun 17

I was pleasantly surprised when I picked this as a late-night “sure, why not” choice on Netflix. I LOVED Franco and Rogen and Barcuchel because of F&G and Undeclared, but the general raunch comedy directions of their careers wasn’t for me. Read more

Jun 17

Shocked to see Chris D’Elia has been accused of being a comedian.

Jun 8

Watchmen the movie is a pretty effective film about the dangers of letting mediocre white men like Zack Snyder get too much power.

Jun 5

This lady looks like she could be Paula Dean’s sister lol..............then again, all white people look the same to me

Jun 4

Just read that its possible the op-ed editor did not read it before it was printed. So yeah, they’re looking for a new op-ed editor.

May 27

The legal discussions about whether this constitutes a whole new movie are sort of funny — because it was Alexander and Ilya Salkind, producers of the Christopher Reeve “Superman” movies, who were responsible in the first place for the legal clause in Hollywood contracts specifying how many movies you’re working on. Read more

May 27

Was the version Kevin Smith said he saw just Snyder acting it out for him in his living room.

May 27

I can’t help but think there must be cheaper ways to court the douchebag market.